Vegetable soup with pasta

Delicious and extremely easy vegetable soup with pasta, a Bulgarian recipe to cook, just a pleasure. Vegetables are filled with vitamins dish, pasta give satiety, and yogurt or kefir - a pleasant, refreshing acidity.

Vegetable soup with pasta

How to cook vegetable soup with pasta

Fry the finely chopped onion in butter.

Add to skillet sliced ​​carrots, celery, shredded fresh cabbage and sliced ​​into half rings leeks. We continue to brown, add the tomato puree or fresh pureed tomatoes.

Ready to add vegetables to the boiling vegetable broth or boiling water. Salt to taste and cook until vegetables are tender.

For 5-7 minutes before the completion of cooking add a little pasta. Then, soup dressed with pre-mixed and egg curd, add the oil, chopped basil and parsley, black pepper.

To a vegetable soup can separately apply the grated cheese or cheese kashkoval.

Bulgarian recipe of this soup has a simple composition of the products for 1 serving:

Cabbage - 10 g, carrot - 10 g, onions - 10 g, leek - 5 g, pasta - 8 g, tomato puree - 7 g (tomatoes - 30 g), butter - 12 g, cheese kashkoval or -15 g of cheese, yogurt - 20 g, eggs - 1/2 units, basil -. 3 g, celery - 6 g, parsley - 2 g, salt and pepper to taste.