A delicious carrot soup with croutons

Carrot soup with rice, noodles or crackers is very simple to prepare, but it is beautiful and useful. And most importantly, it can be quickly and easily prepared just before the actual dinner or in the morning before leaving for work. In addition, the recipe is suitable for vegetarians and, in the post, both for children and for everyday meals.

A delicious carrot soup with croutons

How to cook carrot soup

Julienne carrots fry until golden brown, put it in boiling broth (if you cook vegetarian or diet soup, the vegetable broth or just water) and cook for 15-20 minutes, then salt and pepper.

Separately, boil the noodles or rice. Before turning off the soup, put it cooked noodles or rice, introduce yolks (they thicken it) previously diluted with cool liquid part of soup and bring to a boil. Before serving soup dressed with carrot extract roots, and sprinkle with herbs.

During cooking it is possible to slightly change the recipe for the soup. To do this, rice or noodles can be replaced by a delicious bread croutons. In a bowl of carrot soup should be put directly before serving the consumer, or to put them on the table in the common pot.

Recipe for carrot soup is designed for 1 portion, which consists of:

carrot - 80 g fat - 5 g, noodles or ria -15 g, extract of roots - 2 g, egg yolks - 1, 2 pieces, salt and pepper -. 3 g