Garlic soup in Czech

This garlic soup is not only fragrant and delicious, but also useful. Especially handy this recipe in the period of the spread of influenza and colds. Let's try to learn the recipe together.

Garlic soup in Czech

How to cook garlic soup Czech

Cooking the soup in this recipe is quite simple. Sliced ​​potatoes cook in salted water until ready and forced through a sieve. The resulting puree to breed potato broth. Then, add the mashed garlic and diluted milk with egg yolk, roots extract, bring to a boil and boil for 2-3 minutes.

Garlic soup are served with toasted rye bread, sour cream can with a spoon, and do not forget to sprinkle with herbs.

Recipe for garlic soup in Czech designed for 1 portion that includes:

-160 g potatoes, milk - 20 g lard - 5 g, garlic - 1 g, roots extract - 2 g, herbs - 2 g, eggs - 1/2 units rye bread -. 40 g of salt, - 3 g .