Omelette with mushrooms

You do not know how to decorate their breakfast and make an unforgettable morning? Just cook the omelette, just in a different design, namely with mushrooms. Believe me, this breakfast will be much tastier and more filling than on ordinary days, and the process is not nearly complicated. Mushroom omelette can cook each, because everything is so simple and fast ...

Mushroom omelette for breakfast

1. In a frying pan heat the oil. Cut the peeled and washed the mushrooms into small pieces or thin slices. Fry them over medium heat for two minutes, until the mushrooms considerably browned. Remove and better to shift and allow to cool.

2. In a separate bowl beat eggs, add salt to taste, and black pepper, add the roasted chestnuts all to mix. Put in a slightly heated pan mushroom omelet and tilting in different directions to evenly distribute the weight of not a thick layer on the pan. Cook a few minutes until the eggs cooked. 3. On top, add the cheese and fold the omelette in half. Carefully lay out the finished omelet with mushrooms in a shallow dish. Consume immediately.

If you do not appear cheese "Philadelphia" it can be replaced by any other cream, and in the absence of butter and can be used at all sorts of hard, but when you add should rub. Today, cheese "Philadelphia" is available at most supermarkets. It was natural ingredients recommended by our cheese, make breakfast the most nutritious and healthy.