Recipe: Scrambled eggs on a couple

The dishes are steamed, are considered to be the most useful and dietary, there is no oil in them, and all the nutrients are preserved. Steam omelet suitable even for those who follow the figure or involved in sports.

Air omelette in a double boiler

Recipe: Scrambled eggs on a couple

If you have a pressure cooker, you can cook a wonderful airy omelet, which will be enjoyed by all. Dish prigorit not, you get an unusually gentle.

What you need:

  • 2 eggs
  • 100ml milk
  • salt and pepper - to taste

How to cook an omelet in a double boiler air:

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    Recipe: Scrambled eggs on a couple

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    You first need to cool the eggs, then whisk them whisk or an electric mixer, add milk. Add salt and pepper to taste is necessary, for a change, you can add slices of ham, tomato, bell pepper, shrimp or fresh herbs. It should be understood that all of these components may increase calorie dishes.

  2. All the components of the omelet need to pour in a cup of steamers, after brushing it with vegetable oil and turn the timer for 20 minutes. Decorate the dish can be green peas and herbs.

To a hearty breakfast was more, it is possible to still hot omelette on top grate the cheese, the result is a very appetizing crust. This option is suitable only for those who do not follow a strict diet and does not consider the caloric content of each dish. And if you can not live without the sweet, cook an omelet original prescription maestro Alexander Seleznev!

Omelette in multivarka

By the same recipe can be ten minutes to cook an omelet and multivarka. In the bowl for cooking you need to pour the water by two-thirds, it is necessary to put on top of the bars for steaming dishes. All the ingredients you need to mix and pour into silicone molds for cakes and put them on the grill. With the function "Steaming" can be prepared in a lovely omelette.

The original omelet bank

Recipe: Scrambled eggs on a couple

If no Multivarki or steamers, do not give up a delicious omelette. It is possible in this case to use the means at hand, that there in any housewife in stock.

For example, if you have glasses or small banks, scrambled eggs can be cooked in them. Recipe standard, the number of eggs will depend on the number of servings. For the preparation you need to pour a pot of water and cans of mixed ingredients set right on the bottom.

Omelet from banks goes very easily, and the result is a kind of turret children such clearance should be like. Cooking time will depend on the molds, for example in a jar of baby food dish is ready in 10 minutes.