Sweden: Karlsson favorite meatballs and sweet pea soup - video recipes at home

Sweden - mushroom paradise!

Swedish forests are literally surrounded by luscious

a variety of mushrooms. However, in high esteem by local only lisichki- "sisters".

Sweden: Karlsson favorite meatballs and sweet pea soup - video recipes at home

Polina Borodina

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You remember that loved to eat for dinner Carlson, of the famous fairy tale by Astrid Lindgren "The Kid and Carlson"?

That's right, meatballs! "Kotbular" (literal translation - small rolls) - is the signature dish of Sweden. They are incredibly juicy, fragrant, soft and very small. They are usually served with boiled potatoes and creamy sauce.

As in Russia, the potatoes in Sweden - the main garnish. From it, preparing local strong drink - aquavit, which residents call themselves "water of life". It is hard to imagine, but for dessert, too, in Sweden you can apply potatoes. But with beans and sweet.

In general, the sugar in the country if not the most favorite product barely. Here, it is added to almost all dishes: marinated herring in in pate, sausages in in potatoes, meat serves a variety of sweet sauces. According to statistics, every Swede eats about 50 kg of sugar per year.

By the way, the most traditional and ancient dish, pea soup, Swedish sweets too.

History of the Swedish pea soup originates from the Viking times when it was prepared at the stake for the entire village at once. It is a thick, dark soup from yellow peas, pork, onions and a variety of herbs (in Scandinavia are very fond of dill and parsley). But still, a favorite delicacy of the Swedes - a variety of desserts with berries - blueberries, cranberries, cloudberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries. It is believed that here they have a more intense flavor due to slow aging at a relatively cool summer and long summer nights.

SWEDISH berry soup

Sweden: Karlsson favorite meatballs and sweet pea soup - video recipes at home



Any berries (raspberries, currants, strawberries, cranberries) - 800 g

Sugar - 1/2 cup

Whipped cream - 1/2 cup

Water - 450 mL

Cinnamon - 1 stick

Sweet white wine - 250 ml

How to prepare berry soup:

  1. Mix the wine with water, pour this mixture of berries, add the cinnamon and sugar. Boil the mixture, stirring for 7-10 minutes to berries softness.
  2. Pull cinnamon, and the mixture was rubbed through a sieve, soup stand in the refrigerator for 1 hour.
  3. When a berry soup decorate with whipped cream and whole berries.

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