How delicious pink salmon salt - video recipes at home

How delicious pink salmon salt - video recipes at home
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Pink salmon inferior in taste this delicacy with salmon fish as chum, sockeye, coho or chinook. However, it is much cheaper, so accessible to a wider category of consumers. Besides delicious meals can be prepared from this fish. For example, a very simple recipe for salt pink. It requires minimal time and effort, and the fish turns out very tasty and tender.

Bake salmon in the oven

Fish - a natural source of trace elements, fatty acids and amino acids to the human body. A properly baked fish red varieties - it is also a tasty dish.

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Recipe №1: classic


1 medium-sized salmon

2 tbsp. spoon of table salt with a slide

How salt pink salmon at home:

  1. If you buy frozen fish, thaw at room temperature. Usually, this salmon is sold already in gutted form, but if you went to unskinned product, make neat incision from the anus to the head and remove the insides, trying not to damage the gallbladder. Note that for salting need to purchase fish, where there is no skin damage, no stains. The gills should be bright red or bright color.
  2. Carefully wash the fish inside and out under cold running water, dry it with a paper towel or cloth. Cut off the head and tail with a knife. It is better not to throw away, because you can cook a soup of these pieces of fish. You only need to be sure to remove the gills, or fish broth will taste bitter!
  3. With a sharp knife, cut the tail of the fish to the range, separate the rib bones from the flesh. Then the thumb and forefinger of one hand grasp the ridge at the head of salmon and holding the carcass with the other hand, move along the spine, freeing it from the pulp. Remove the ridge (it can also be used for cooking soup, along with the head and tail).
  4. Then take a big deep plate or bowl. Evenly pour at its bottom half tablespoon salt. Put pink salmon in a container with a thicker end (head), so that the skin is on the bottom, and the flesh - from the top. Sprinkle fish tablespoon of salt and lightly grind, then fold twice as salmon fillets, having covered a narrow end, and lightly press again uniformly sprinkle with salt (half tablespoon). Tightly cover the container with fish cling film, foil or plastic bag and a day in the refrigerator for salting.
  5. After 24 hours, remove the pink salmon, drain the resulting brine, fins cut with scissors. Carefully separate the flesh from the skin, cut into thin plates. You get a very simple but tasty fish snack. You can immediately submit it to the table and make her sandwiches. If you plan to use it after a while, it is better to store cooked pink salmon in the refrigerator in a glass jar, mix with finely chopped onions and the bay a small amount of vegetable oil. Salted salmon from this will only get tastier and more aromatic.

Recipe №2: sugar


1 medium-sized salmon

500 ml water

100 g of sodium chloride

50g sugar

1 tablespoon / teaspoon vinegar

How salt pink salmon with sugar:

  1. Prepare the brine. To do this, dissolve the salt in the water, add sugar and 1 tbsp. vinegar.
  2. Fish fillets, place in the brine, cover the dish and press down oppression, leave for 4 hours.
  3. Then shift pink salmon in a deep container, cover with vegetable oil and leave overnight in the refrigerator.