Recipes gentle salty trout

The most important thing - to choose the right for further salting fish. Of course, you can use the thawed trout, but the most delicious fresh fish is only for such preparations. Trout can determine the quality of the following features - a red or pink, but in any case, not pale or gray gills, clear and bright eyes of fish and the fresh smell of a good and high-quality fish. In no case do not purchase the product with brown spots, obvious lesions carcass and a large number of unpleasant or smelling slime on it.

The second phase - right cutting of the product. First, rinse well with fish carcass, separate fins, head and tail trout scales, clean and wipe the fish well with paper towels or tissue. In order to cut the desired fillet of trout, run a sharp knife directly on the ridge, which begins just below the head of the fish. After this, separate the flesh from the bones - first the largest backbone; and then all the other small bones.

Cutting marine fish. See video!

A simple recipe salty trout


1 kg of trout fillets

3-4 tablespoons. spoons of salt

2 tbsp. spoons of sugar

1 L of water

How to cook salted trout on a simple recipe:

  1. Boil liquid, then cool to room temperature and the cool water in the salt and sugar. Fish fillets cut into small pieces and once again carefully check for bones in them.
  2. Then pour the brine into the pot, put it in the fish, press the top trout saucer with a small load (enough that the fillets just will not float).
  3. Then close the cover pan and leave to marinate the fish in this way overnight, and then the trout will be ready for use.

A more complicated recipe salt trout


1 kg of fish fillets

4 tbsp. spoons of salt

2 tbsp. spoons of sugar

3-4 pieces bay leaf

2-3 tbsp. spoons of lemon juice

How to cook salted trout on a complex recipe:

  1. To prepare this recipe is not necessary to separate the fish from its skin, since the latter is also required.
  2. Mix salt and sugar, half emptying the bottom of the pan, then lay half a fish fillet on the pillow skin down, then sprinkle on top of the trout with a little salt and sugar, as well as lay out the fish and bay leaves, and pour half of the lemon juice.
  3. Then the second half of the fillets skin lay-up, which pour the remaining juice and sprinkle with the remaining sugar and salt.
  4. Cover the pan with a lid and place in refrigerator for 1, 5-2 days. After that, remove the fish from the pan, drain the liberated juice and good trout wipe cloth.
  5. This fish is very tasty, but if you want to keep it for 1-1, 5 weeks, fill trout with vegetable oil (suitable and sunflower and olive), which will become a natural preservative for salted fillets.