Recipe home shawarma

RECIPE HOME Shawarma (6 servings)

Home shawarma preparing an incredibly fast and easy.

What you need: 2 pcs. thin Armenian lavash

2 cucumbers

1 kg. fillet of chicken thighs

3 tomatoes

200 g of cabbage

1 PC. onions.

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Recipe home shawarma

Denis Gondyuk

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To prepare the sauce:

400 g of mayonnaise

400 ml of yogurt

4 cloves of garlic


salt, black pepper (mill), laurel

red pepper, coriander.

How to cook Shawarma:

You must first prepare the sauce.

1. Download to a blender yogurt and mayonnaise. Add salt. Beat the mixture and then add the garlic.

2. Finely chop the coriander, add it to the sauce and pepper.

3. The remaining rastiret spices into powder and mix thoroughly proseit the finished sauce. Let it brew.

Recipe home shawarma


Once the sauce is ready, you need to proceed directly to the preparation of shawarma. It is important to properly prepare the meat filling.

1. Cut into small pieces of chicken thigh without bones, marinate them with salt and pepper. Marinade chicken meat will give an extraordinary richness and softness. 2. The meat should marinate at least 5 hours, after which it can be safely fry or grill pan.

3. Fried chicken cut into small cubes added.

4. Cabbage, onion and cucumber cut into strips and tomatoes - small slices.

To prepare the home shavermy use only a soft and fresh pita bread, because even slightly dried up bread begins to tear or crack. Instead, you can use Arabian pita cake called pita. To shawarma not crumbled during a meal, it is necessary to fold properly in the cooking process.

A method of delivering meals:

1. Sheet Lavash spread on the table before him, drizzle with a small amount of lemon juice.

2. Pita bread cut into three parts and generously lubricate the cooked white or red sauce.

3. On the bread put a stuffing. Pour the sauce, add the cooked meat.

4. Top spice spicy red sauce (to taste). Vegetables and meat are served first short edge Lavash, and after the - side. At the end of shaverma as the roll is covered with a remaining long edge of pita.

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