Shawarma meat-free: quick and tasty

Learn the secrets of Oriental cuisine: home shawarma

Shawarma - this eastern dish, which is made

lavash or pita stuffed with chopped and grilled meat. The essence of this dish is very simple: grilled meat wrapped in lettuce from vegetables and dressed with garlic-herb kefir sauce. We'll show you how to cook shawarma at home.

Shawarma meat-free: quick and tasty

Julia Korneev

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Shawarma came to us from the Arab countries. And today it is one of the most common types of fast food, which is on a par with American hot dogs are sold almost everywhere. Cook it can be any kind of meat, but also it will be able to please and vegetarians. Vegetarian shawarma - a delicious and easy to prepare dish that is also very quick to make. In addition, it is suitable not only as a snack between meals, but also as a highlight of the festive table.

Pita bread for a shawarma necessarily need to buy fresh, it should be flexible. If we pull out a stray with memorable times pita bread from the refrigerator, make shawarma will not work - it just simply will not curl.

It is very simple and quick recipe shawarma without meat

It should be:

1 piece of thin Lavash;

1 piece of onion;

1 piece of carrot;

1 pc small head of cabbage;

greens - to taste; 1-2 pieces of tomato;

sunflower oil, spices - to taste.

How to prepare:

  1. Onions cut into half rings and fry until golden brown.
  2. Add to it the carrot and fry for another minute crushed to a coarse grater.
  3. Separately, chop the cabbage as thin as possible, mix it with spices, salt and sugar, add the apple cider vinegar and finely chopped tomatoes and dill.
  4. Connect with frying (onions and carrots).
  5. Expand pita bread and place the portion of the resulting mixture, a bottom tuck and roll up into a roll.
  6. Shawarma ready!

Recipe fried meat shawarma without

Shawarma meat-free: quick and tasty


It is necessary (for the three batches):

3 pieces of pita;

1 piece of cucumber;

1 large tomato pieces;


250 grams of cheese (preferably Adyg);

150 ml of cream (also suitable ryazhenka);

150 ml of non-acute ketchup;

1 tbsp. spoon sunflower oil;

spices - to taste.

How to prepare:

  1. Mix until smooth spice with salt, ketchup and sour cream - they will form the basis of a special and tasty sauce.
  2. Please note that it should be a little brackish, so do not overdo it with the spices - a lot of putting them should not be, otherwise they can kill the taste of vegetables.
  3. Wash and cut into julienne cucumber and tomato.
  4. salad (you can also use Chinese cabbage), cut into large strips or tear it by hand.
  5. Use a fork to mash the cheese. On the hot frying pan lightly fry the coriander and add some cheese, and a little browned.
  6. Expand pita and evenly obmazhte it about a third of the prepared sauce.
  7. Leaving the place to the brim, put in a pita-third of chopped vegetables on top - a third of the prepared cheese. Thus, for the second portion of shawarma you use half of the remaining ingredients, for the third - the rest.
  8. Fans of corn, it can add a little bit to taste.
  9. Tuck the edges of pita bread and roll it into a tight roll.
  10. Put Shawarma resulting in a pre-heated pan and bake in 5 seconds, no more.
  11. It is sufficient that it was a little warm - so it has a much more pleasant and convenient.
  12. Bon appetit!

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