New Year in French - video recipes at home

New Year in French - video recipes at home

French justly famous throughout the world. It may seem that the mayonnaise and croissants with butter - not the best example of wholesome food, but in fact, accused of "unhealthy" traditional cuisine is very difficult. Local chefs are renowned for centuries the ability to choose the right ingredients and turn even quite ordinary dish into a real masterpiece of culinary art. The correct order of serving dishes allows them to be absorbed well, so the French rarely suffer from excess weight.

As the French New Year?

Typically, the French celebrate the New Year in restaurants or cafes. Among the obligatory dishes such as traditional as salad and herring under a fur coat in Russia, should be named foie gras. Foie gras (f oie gras - "fatty liver") - a specially prepared fatted liver goose or duck. Every year in France produces 18 thousand tons of this delicacy.

Not only restaurants ...

If the French invite guests to your home, then the process of preparation of festive dishes connect all members of the family. Feast in French usually consists of several feeds, each of which - of several courses. One of the traditional delicacies is duck in wine, but a lot depends on the region.

In vino veritas - the truth in wine.

The French consume a lot of wine. they are usually in adolescence begin to drink diluted wine at dinner. To a certain dish served certain wine. For example, fish should be washed down with white wine, meat - red and sweet - dessert. Seven one ... wait!

All necessarily served by all the rules and applied in accordance with clear rules of etiquette, which in France is important. If the French have invited you to visit, you'd better not be late. Saying "seven one does not wait" was born in Russia and in France seven hungry guests will be glad to be late, but do not start the meal, because, according to tradition, all the guests have to start eating at the same time.

Pie "surprise."

In the New Year the French often prepare delicious almond cake with a "surprise" (fève). The surprise is that the cake or put a one-piece nut, or a small statue of Jesus, the Virgin Mary or some saint. It is believed that the happiness of the whole year will be accompanied by one to whom will fall a piece of this "surprise". In addition, the person who got the "surprise", declared king or queen. That is why in the French stores almond cake sold usually with a toy crown.

In France, this cake is called "royal" (the G alette des rois ), because it is associated c gifts of the Magi, and the wise men of -French - les trois rois mages,-wizards kings. But for the most magical hostess, of course, that it is impossible to find another nut pie for cooking that would take so little time!

New Year in French - video recipes at home

Recipe Almond cake with a "surprise"

It is necessary: ​​

Ready-made puff pastry

Ground almonds - 200 grams 3 tablespoons brandy / Roma / balsam

100 grams of butter

100 grams of sugar

2 tablespoons of cream with a slide

1 tablespoon flour

1 egg

500 g of powdered sugar

7-8 tablespoons spoons of syrup (preferably lemon)

Food Dyes glaze (optional)

How to prepare:

1. Mix in a bowl, ground almonds, brandy, melted butter, sour cream, flour, sugar.

2 Put in the form of thinly rolled pastry circle.

3 Fill with stuffing.

4 Cover the second round of pastry, pinch edges.

5 Apply a "lattice" on the cake with the blunt side of the knife blade. This must be done very carefully so as not to cut the dough.

6. Pie grease with egg.

7. Carefully poke 4-5 places.

8 Bake in preheated oven until then, until the cake will be golden.

9 Mix powder and syrup, put on a small fire.

10 Cook, stirring, until then, until the icing is not uniformly envelop the scapula (approximately 5-7 minutes). The finished glaze can add food coloring.

11 The icing hardens quickly, so you need to just pour it hot cake.

Magical New Year to you in French!