8 recipes for hearty pies - video recipes at home

8 recipes for hearty pies - video recipes at home
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Skill hostess has long been determined by the ability to bake pies!

A variety of recipes are simple and delicious homemade cakes.

Cake - a universal dish! Tarts are open, closed and semi-closed, pie dough can be sour, yeast, puff or insipid. This festive meal and nourishing daily meal, as well - the best way to show hostess culinary abilities.

A delicious cake with fragrant honey dressing: pumpkin pie, brie, spinach and nuts

A simple home-made cake with crispy onions: Potato Pie

Air festive cake with slices of salmon, cream cheese, asparagus and mushrooms: Crunchy pie with salmon and asparagus Superb filling this pie includes duck breast and cream cheese Philadelphia: Meat flan

This refers to the savory pie baking, and certainly not to the desserts, but can be a wonderful dinner: cake with figs, goat cheese and honey

Cooking cake with mushroom and meat filling: Pie with meat and mushrooms

Familiar cake in a very surprising performance: charlotte eggplants

Ukrainian pork pie and vegetables:

Shepherd's pie

And also an unusual cake from beet from chefs Konstantin Ivlev and Yury Rozhkov: