Aphrodisiacs: seduce food - video recipes at home

Aphrodisiacs: seduce food - video recipes at home

Delicious food exciting. And the excitement does not only affect our appetite. Well cooked meal affects our whole body. Aroma penetrates the depths of our subconscious and can cause the most pleasant memories of the past, excited the taste buds send multiple signals throughout the body - from the tip of the nose to the toes, beautiful views and delicious dishes kindle desire. All these feelings lead to a state of general euphoria that is often expressed in sexual arousal.

Aphrodisiacs: seduce food - video recipes at home

In fact, not so important, what are the ingredients you will use to seduce your darling or darling. Much more important is to stop the choice on the products they prefer. After all, if the kind of live oysters will cause your partner disgust is not to say nutritionists about the benefits of oysters for male potency, they will hardly help. By the way, in France, oysters are considered a classic aphrodisiac, they contain zinc and iron stimulate the production of the male hormone testosterone. Moreover, the oysters are a source of dopamine - the pleasure hormone, including sexual.

Aphrodisiacs: seduce food - video recipes at home

So we touched upon the subject of aphrodisiacs, which translated from Greek means - "love". Aphrodisiac called substance having the property to stimulate sexual desire and increase sexual activity. List of aphrodisiacs so great that there is no point in even trying to list them in this article. Very many well-known you vegetables, fruits, condiments, spices, herbs, seafood and meat delicacies they include. But every country has the most revered.

Aphrodisiacs: seduce food - video recipes at home

Onion juice mixed with honey, is considered a strong aphrodisiac drink from the Arabs. The French remain true to artichokes and oysters, the Chinese prefer to garlic, cloves and ginger, the Indians - coriander and cardamom. The inhabitants of the Caucasus are considered aphrodisiacs dairy products. How many cultures, so many opinions. "Love," the product is in any region at any time of the year.

To our bodies enough to have sex, and power, and desire, we need a Cr, phosphorus, iron and zinc, vitamins X, e, C and B6. For men especially important protein, and, of course, both partners need a lot of energy to the long-awaited night is turned into a "five-minute" and then sugar and fat Us to help.

Aphrodisiacs: seduce food - video recipes at home

Looking at this simple "formula for a successful sex", it is safe to share all aphrodisiacs into three main groups:

♥ rich in vitamins (greens, vegetables, fruits and cereals)

♥ with high sugar content (fruits, honey, berries)

♥ high protein (meat, fish, eggs, nuts)

That is the beloved must not forget to feed the meat or seafood, and most can be podnalech on fruits and vegetables.

Aphrodisiacs: seduce food - video recipes at home

So ​​back to the aphrodisiac properties. Here are just some of them.

Luke - increases blood pressure and provides an active blood flow. In addition, contained in onions zinc and selenium help in the production of testosterone. Bow also contains vitamins A, B, C and E. Vitamins B1 and E - increase the activity and general muscle tone, vitamin B3 makes depression, irritability, and muscular weakness.

Aphrodisiacs: seduce food - video recipes at home

Garlic - in the East before appointment made to eat garlic. In Greece, it was believed that it is garlic, "makes women fall in love, and men - to be tireless in love." In China today use garlic as the best means to ignite the fading of sexual desire. Garlic contains a substance called allicin - this is one of the most powerful antioxidants, which helps a rush of blood to the genital area. But before or during a romantic dinner, we advise you to use these aphrodisiacs together.

Ginger - has warming properties, accelerates blood circulation, which, of course, enhances sexual desire.

Aphrodisiacs: seduce food - video recipes at home

Chilli - Contains capsaicin - an active ingredient, which imparts a sharp taste of pepper. Capsaicin increases blood flow to certain parts of the body and causes heart palpitations, which is accompanied by the release of endorphins in the blood - "happiness hormone". It is thanks to them that we are experiencing a short feeling of euphoria.

Mango - the creators of Kamasutra is considered the fruit a strong aphrodisiac. In Ayurveda mango marked as easily digestible, firming and energizing fruit. In India, men are still prescribed mango with various problems in sexual life.

Green - since ancient times to enhance the potency of medicine men and healers used herbs: parsley, cilantro, celery, basil.

On the Day of St. Valentine you can cook anything you want, using the maximum number of "love" ingredients in your dish. And I want to offer you a simple, but unusual salad recipe, which is certainly not indifferent to your mate. Salad Recipe Valentine's day

It is necessary: ​​

200 g dry bulgur (couscous, rice or unpolished)

2 kiwi

1 mango

1 PC. red onion

50 grams of cilantro

1 medium red hot peppers

For the filling:

lime juice

Olive oil (three times the volume of the resulting lime juice)

Finely grated fresh ginger (1 cm)

lime zest

2 garlic cloves

Sugar, salt, pepper


1. The ingredients are finely chopped, mixed with bulgur and ready to fill with lime-ginger dressing.

2 To prepare bulgur warm frying pan and melt the butter. Fry bulgur in oil until the "nut" odor, pour boiling water in a ratio of 1: 2. Reduce heat, cover and cook until tender about 20 minutes.