8 recipes jam - video recipes at home

8 recipes jam - video recipes at home
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Grandma's recipes: jams from various fruits and berries, and

also the secrets and subtleties of cooking.

That autumn, the season of summer apples, pears and plums followed by a second wave, when all without exception, think how to save the harvest, make scented stocks for the long winter. How to make jam was not cloyingly sweet, berry syrup and retain their natural flavor and aroma, color is ruby ​​and as transparent as possible, and consistency - thick, but not a jam:

to The perfect strawberry jam

Half an hour, and you have on the table a wonderful dessert! This jam is good because it can be cooked from any berries or fruit:

Fruit jam

3 recipes jam - plum, apple and black currant:

How to make jam

Prepare the sweet dessert unusually easy recipe for the famous Moscow confectioner Oleg Ilyin:

Jam from apricots with rosemary Chef

Traditional jam from dried fruits, spices, brandy and bacon ... put in pies "minsmit paisa":

Festive English minsmit

Jam on the grandmother's recipe is suitable for any occasion, tea, and even as a present:

gooseberry jam