7 desserts with jam - video recipes at home

Cook the jam from a variety of berries and fruits, and you can think about what tasty and simple desserts will help us serve up this preform.

raspberry jam tarts with

Incredibly delicious Italian cake made of buckwheat flour. Buckwheat flour baked sweet cakes - tarts and stuffed them in some fragrant jam from wild berries: raspberries, blueberries, blackberries or strawberries.

Sweet air pancakes

The main rule when submitting pancakes: use a variety of sweet sauces - condensed milk, jam, any sweet jams and even melted milk chocolate!

Bagels "Reygelah"

Delicate cream cheese dough, raisins, nuts and cinnamon, apricot jam ... Reygelah - a traditional Jewish cuisine bagels.

Rice pancakes

Besides the classic pancake can be baked and rice fritters taste of childhood many, because once they bake someone's mother and grandmother. It is better not to add sugar fritters, then very well apply to them jam, marmalade or honey.

Lenten pies

These sweet cakes will seem surprisingly tasty and certainly come into the treasury of favorite home recipes!

jam tarts with

Recipe for a classic Italian cake with a filling of any jam of your choice. Jams and marmalades, ricotta, chocolate paste, apples, cream - all the possible fillings for tarts are not listed.

cake "Sacher"

There are two recipe cake "Sacher". One belongs to the house Sacher, and the second Viennese confectioner Demel, who sell this recipe during the Second World War. The original cake coat with apricot jam on top only. Demel has perfected the recipe that made the layer and between Korzh, from which only won the cake: it has become more mellow. There was a lot of litigation and disputes, whose recipe is still: the founder - or the buyer? And the judges pronounced their verdict. Chocolate medallions that adorn the cake, round the house Sacher and Demel at home - triangular!