The ideal biscuit: a master class by Oleg Ilyin - video recipes at home

The ideal biscuit: a master class by Oleg Ilyin - video recipes at home
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Detailed videoretsept from a professional pastry chef. To cake was always gentle, soft and airy, it is necessary to know a few simple secrets and rules.

We have always felt that there is nothing easier than to bake a simple sponge cake. However, when we tried the biscuit, which is baked Oleg Ilyin - pastry chef and host of super "Make me beautiful," we realized that we have never learned the proper oven biscuit dough. Watch an exclusive master class from a professional!

recipe for the perfect biscuit

What you need: 6 eggs

200 g of sugar

250 g flour

3 important rules:

• mixer bowl must be clean, dry and free of grease • flour necessarily need to sift through • Take a well chilled eggs

How to make the perfect cake:

1. Beat the eggs in a mixer bowl, add sugar. Whipping initially at very low speed mixer (1-2 minutes), then increase the speed and beat until fluffy white mass. How to determine that at this stage the dough came up to standard? Droplets must form a pattern, they do not spread. Only in this case will biscuit lush and gentle. 2. Stop mixer and gradually, in small portions, administered flour. Mix dough very gently through the blade upwards. In no case do not use a mixer or whisk - biscuit shall fade and become rubber. But do not get carried away with mixing, each extra movement makes biscuit less lush. Once all the lumps disappeared, stop!

3. Carefully pour the batter into a split mold lined with parchment. Gently smooth the surface of the biscuit, a shovel, and there is no need to be zealous!

4. Send the dough in a preheated 180 ° C oven for 25-30 minutes. In no case do not open the door in the half an hour to check on your cake!

5. Take the cake from oven, cool to room temperature, extracted from the mold and cut into the required number of layers. Cutting the best knife for bread.

6. Perfect cake is ready!