How to bake a gingerbread biscuit high

Biscuit - the universal baking for confectioners. Without the biscuit does not do almost no cake, biscuit making cakes and rolls are used as the basis for any confectionery.

Lush, like a cloud and quite dense, with butter and cream, nuts and carrots - they are very different, but united by their cooking technology. Whatever the biscuit dough, just need to beat the eggs (or separate whites and yolks), and as gently as possible to add other ingredients to it. It is due to air added at a whipping, will rise in the oven for your cake.

When baking biscuit occur simultaneously two processes. Firstly, the air is heated in the test and thus expands, it causes the dough to rise in the oven, that is increase in volume. Second, if enough heat (temperature baking 180-200S), then baked rising wall. Thus, to get the right cake, you need a good beat eggs, add as much air as possible, mix the dough, being careful not to lose the added air and then properly bake it at a high enough temperature.

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What bake?


Sponge cakes baked by the process of gelatinization of starch - by heating in moist dough it changes its structure, becoming more dense and viscous. Therefore, it is important for the sponge is the presence of starch, and, accordingly, it can be virtually any furnace flour - (starch contained in the flour any) rice, wheat, corn, buckwheat. If you replace a part of wheat flour starch - cake will be more solid and crumbly. You can bake a cake without flour, and in general, only on starch. But in a nut flour (ground nuts), no starch, and so biscuits with nut flour less stable and easy to settle. Nevertheless, bakers often make biscuits with nuts - too delicious it turns out! Sponge cake with berries and cream of cream cheese

Soft cake and mascarpone cheese with berries

- classics of the genre. This simple cake can be prepared as a holiday, and in an ordinary, unremarkable day. In both cases, the incomparable taste guaranteed.

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Without which, in principle, a biscuit bake impossible - so it's not the eggs. That gives it the eggs and splendor (when whipping), and strength (for baking). Well whipped egg mass - the key to success when working with biscuit.


For biscuit take regular sugar, preferably with fine crystals. They quickly dissolve, respectively, and eggs whipped with them better.

The basic recipe biscuit

There are a variety of sponge cake, but should start with a simple recipe, which, however, is not worse than the most complex. Remember proportion:

4 eggs

120 g of sugar

120 g flour

and no baking powder!


How to make a cake:

1. To begin, measure out all the ingredients. Flour (starch and if using) sift - it is aerated and then stirred into a better test. Separate the egg whites and yolks on (remember that whites and yolks separated cold eggs are best), and the protein to take a large bowl and yolks to - medium size.

Note that the shapes and trays for biscuits should be prepared in advance, it is also heat the oven beforehand. When the biscuit dough is ready, it is necessary to immediately shift into the form (on a baking sheet) and bake without losing time. Biscuit dough settles quickly, and finished goods from the deposited dough get low and Cleckley.

2. Stir yolks in half the sugar and beat with a mixer at maximum speed in a thick, almost white mass.

How to bake a gingerbread biscuit high

publishing house "Mann, Ivanov and Ferber"

3. Wash and dry with beaters at maximum speed and proteins whisk until the mixture becomes thick and white. Mixer nozzle should leave a clear trail nonspreading. Only then sprinkle in the remaining sugar and beat on, until the mixture becomes a snow-white and shiny.

How to bake a gingerbread biscuit high

publishing house "Mann, Ivanov and Ferber"

4. Add the yolks to proteins and very gently stir with a spoon to mass became homogeneous, light-yellow color.

How to stir? Take a spoon and dip into the middle of the side of the bowl. Swipe convex part of the spoon bottom (toward you), then along the wall of the bowl upwardly, continue the movement of the test and again at the middle lower the spoon. Spoon describe a circle. Repeat this movement with the other hand by turning the bowl. Thus quickly and accurately mix all kinds of biscuit (or other whipped) test. This method is called "folding technique."

5. Stir the flour and other dry ingredients. Stir again folding method. No need to get in the way too long, because the dough is too thicken.

How to bake a gingerbread biscuit high

publishing house "Mann, Ivanov and Ferber"

Once the flour lumps disappeared - stop. Put the dough into the mold, level surface and place in oven.

How to bake a gingerbread biscuit high

publishing house "Mann, Ivanov and Ferber"

What can I say?

The cake is often added butter. To do this his kindle, cool and pour as gently as possible. Even a small amount of butter makes the crumb more tasty and moist, biscuits with butter is not stale longer.

How to prepare your form?

There are several ways to prepare forms and biscuit baking. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes it does not matter in what form you are baking, and sometimes it is crucial.

The method №1

Lubricate the inner surface of the mold the softened butter (melted oil will flow, and smooth coating will not work). Stir a spoonful of flour, shaking form, spread the flour first on the ledges form, and then along the bottom. Well knock on the form to pour out the excess flour.

In this method, a biscuit did not stick to the bottom and walls of the mold. After baking for 5-10 minutes biscuit cools and slightly reduced in size, the wall between the biscuit and forms a small gap appears and remains small slide on biscuit. Turn the cake on the grid, it is easy to take out, and the slide is at the bottom, and the top will be completely smooth.

Flaw using this method is slightly below the biscuit.

The method №2

Do not grease the form, and Cover the bottom with baking paper.

When baking biscuit stick to the walls, but when you pull out a form, will also subside. As the walls can not settle (they stuck) will settle "gorochku" thus during cooling surface becomes flat biscuit. Biscuit removed from the mold until it is completely cooled. To do this, you need to be very careful to hold the knife along the walls, separating the cake and remove form. Baking paper is removed just before using the sponge.

Disadvantage: to separate the cake from the walls, you need dexterity and accuracy; You can not use a silicone mold.

The method №3

Do not grease the form and do not place anything on the bottom of the baking paper.

How to bake a gingerbread biscuit high

publishing house "Mann, Ivanov and Ferber"

This method is suitable for most light and delicate biscuits, which upsets at cooling under its own weight. This biscuits with a small amount of flour and starch, and protein biscuits. Usually, they are recommended to cool upside down - it just after baking form inverted and put on a bowl so that the cake does not concern them. In this position, the bottom and the sides are glued to form a biscuit, it does not fall out, but does not sag under its own weight. Note that in this case it is important to choose the right size of the form to cake not turned up edges and can be reversed. Disadvantage: it is sometimes difficult to separate the cake from the mold; for such a batch is not suitable silicone mold.


Always oven pre-heated to a temperature of 180-200 ° C. Bake biscuits, preferably on the middle level of the oven, you can use convection. Try not to open the oven during the first 15 minutes of baking, so as not to cool the air. Check the readiness of the biscuit can be 25-30 minutes after the start of cooking. Ready biscuit - always with a uniform slide, golden brown. Pierce it in several places (near the middle) with a toothpick on it should not be adhered test. You can also press the palm, ready biscuit resilient and durable.


To cake does not soak in the impregnation was strong and resilient, it is desirable to give him lie down for several hours. Cake I usually bake a cake in the evening and at night I leave the kitchen. Please note that the sponge does not dry out - it is, if in the kitchen, dry air, can be removed after complete cooling sponge in the pack.

How to bake a gingerbread biscuit high

publishing house "Mann, Ivanov and Ferber"

How to cut the cake?

One biscuit of four eggs, baked in the shape of 20 cm in diameter can usually be cut into three cakes. To cuts were smooth, and cakes - the same thickness, using a few simple techniques.

Place the biscuit upside down - it's very smooth, and on top of your cake is too flat. The substrate is convenient to use a sheet of paper for baking, flat plate or grid, the main thing - that you can easily turn the cake together with the base. Prepare knife - is highly desirable that it be acute, with a blade, which is longer than the diameter of the biscuit. Very suitable bread knife with a wavy blade. Schedule knife cut line depth of about 1 cm for a biscuit circumference.

Insert the knife into the incision and cut, gently turning the sponge and holding a knife to the bottom Korzh, he has to go exactly along the marked lines.


  1. Too batter - badly whipped whites or yolks, prevented the dough for too long;
  2. Biscuit does not rise - for a long time prevented the dough badly whipped eggs, too cold oven;
  3. Biscuit much ass after baking - bad propeklos dough, a little flour or starch;
  4. Biscuit ass in the oven - too hot oven;
  5. Biscuit strongly crumbles - a bit too much starch.