Recipe for herring oil - video recipes at home

Recipe for herring oil - video recipes at home
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Herring oil - simple and tasty cold dish for cooking which does not require much effort. At the same time this nutritious product is great for breakfast or a light snack.

Canapés with herring

Preparing these little sandwiches in a matter of

minute look perfectly, and still love them and adults and children.

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Cook herring oil is easy, but there are some features, given that you can make an excellent snack flavor. Perhaps the most important thing - to choose the right ingredients. To prepare, you can use almost any butter, spreads and eliminating cheap products with the addition of vegetable fats. Good use of oil by weight, which can be bought on the market.

Herring is necessary to choose a low-fat, spicy middle-salting. The ideal embodiment will pickle herring independently sprinkled its salt with sugar, adding black pepper, bay leaf and wrapped for a day in a polyethylene bag. Herring after brining must be cleaned and gutted, removing the ridge and large bones. The result should be two fillets, which should be lightly coat with 8% vinegar and leave for 30-40 minutes in the refrigerator, then rinse under running water. While marinated herring can be prepared by filling the oil, which will give a more varied snack and full-bodied taste with flavor. Preparation of filling options, there are many, many go without it: as herring oil will be more tender. herring taste can be perfectly complemented by dill and parsley, green onions, a small amount of grated peel avocados. Also in the oil, you can add a little grated onion or purified from oil onion zazharki. If you need a more pronounced taste of seafood, herring oil, you can add the marinated roe of capelin.

There are two main options for the preparation of this remarkable snacks, each of which involves a method of mixing ingredients. In any case, the oil must previously thawed to room temperature, it can also be cut into small slices.

In the first case, herring finely chopped with a knife to form a stuffing of the middle fraction is mixed with grated onion and pepper. The resulting mass is spread butter rate of 350-400 grams per average herring. Next, add finely comminuted herbs and push plug mixture to form a uniform thick paste consistency. The second cooking method is grinding oil, herring fillets and refilling using the blender. As a result, should get a uniform mass pleasant yellow-pink color, which you want to add the chopped herbs and spices. Unlike the first method, such oil can not be immediately supplied to the table. It should hold about an hour in the freezer for mass solidification. should be served butter with dry toast as an appetizer or for cocktails in finished form - on sandwiches with fresh vegetables.