How to prepare the seasoning for the Greek salad - video recipes at home

How to prepare the seasoning for the Greek salad - video recipes at home
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The Greek salad is the basis of traditional cuisine. Without it is impossible to imagine any one meal. In Russia, this salad has also become popular as simply prepared and does not require expensive products.

In contrast to the favorite Russian salad with dressing on the basis of mayonnaise, cooking this Greek salad cooking requires a special type of filling. This type of lettuce has become firmly established in the Russian traditional menu, so refueling constituent ingredients have changed significantly. However, the basis of salad vegetables are those that use the Greeks themselves.

to Salad with tomatoes and onions. See videoretsept!

Today, there are some common options for fueling the Greek salad. However, the main component is considered to olive oil. It must be of high quality, so do not skimp on the purchase of this product. Otherwise, the taste of the salad can easily spoil. In Greece, a refueling use olive oil, basil and oregano. Sometimes add a little pepper and salt to taste. In no event should not be refilled Greek salad with sunflower oil, as you will spoil the taste of quality ingredients.

The classic filling


3 tbsp. spoons of olive oil quality direct extraction

1 tbsp. tablespoon lemon juice

salt and

black pepper

All this must be thoroughly mixed until a uniform consistency and season salad.

based on soy sauce Filling

All the ingredients are in the classical form, but the soy sauce is added instead of lemon juice. Also, this recipe can be supplemented garlic. To after garlic consumption had no unpleasant smell, remove the core. Refueling with soy sauce will give a new taste as a salad.

Acid filling

Use balsamic vinegar different varieties. In such a dressing often add chopped basil, dill, cilantro. That will have a pleasant taste.

Sweet filling

Its basis is a sweet mustard. It can be purchased at a specialty store.


one h. spoon sweet mustard

olive oil to taste

one h. spoon of honey



When you mix thoroughly refilling, you can leave it in the refrigerator and used several times.

Sauce "Tadziki"

Greek chefs have long discovered the secret of this traditional sauce "Tadziki" for all salads. By the Greek salad he comes, if submitted separately.


3 tbsp. spoons of thick natural yoghurt

1 h. Spoon balsamic vinegar

Grated on a fine grater cucumber

1 clove garlic

chopped dill

This sauce - an integral part of Greek cuisine. It can be used with dishes of vegetables and seafood.

As is known, greek salad added feta cheese or fetaksa which is cut into small cubes. The cheese is mixed with the primary dressing and thereby imparts an unusual taste. Before selecting a prescription refills try to add to it a small piece of cheese, to assess the overall taste.