Collection of salad recipes with cheese - video recipes at home

Cake with meat and cheese from Anna Khil'kevich

On the "home cooking" I looked most charming

and attractive blonde domestic showbiz actress Anna Khil'kevich.

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Since the manufacture of cheese is not subject to heat treatment, it retains more vitamins and mineral trace elements than in other types of cheese. On the basis of cheese can cook any vegetable salad.



100 g cheese

4 cucumber pieces.

medium tomatoes 4 pieces.

red and yellow bell pepper 4 pcs.

black olives, pitted 12 pcs.

parsley and dill beams 10-15 g

lettuce and Chinese cabbage

olive oil or vegetable oil for refueling

lemon juice 1 h. spoon

How to cook the Greek salad:

  1. All vegetables and cheese need to cut into small cubes, lettuce tear to pieces hands, green chop. If, instead of using Chinese cabbage salad, it is necessary to finely chop.
  2. All of the ingredients are mixed in a salad bowl, dressed with butter and sprinkled with lemon juice.

Salad Birds "Kurkua"


boiled chicken breast 300-400 g

200 g cheese

Boiled Eggs 2 pcs.

prunes 100 g

chopped walnuts 100g

How to prepare salad "Kurkua"

  1. All the ingredients, except nuts and prunes, cut into small cubes. Prunes soaked in boiling water, and then finely cut.
  2. together with His walnuts are added to the remaining ingredients. As refueling is possible to use sour cream or mayonnaise.

Seafood Salad on the basis of


Peeled boiled shrimps and 500 grams

Lemon 1 pc.

200 g cheese

half teaspoon of sugar;

olive oil 1 tbsp. a spoon

medium tomatoes 4 pieces.

Green beans 400g

green onions and greens

mustard with honey 1 tbsp. a spoon

How to prepare a salad with seafood and cheese:

  1. Tomatoes must be cut into slices of medium size, boiled beans to grind, large shrimp varieties divided into several parts.
  2. All the mix, add the finely chopped herbs and scallions. Feta cheese cut into small cubes.
  3. For the sauce to be mixed: mustard with honey and olive oil, lemon juice (3 tsp.), Zest of half a lemon, sugar. All thoroughly mixed.
  4. Salad with feta cheese and prawns dressed with sauce and serve. Recipe for 4 portions.

On the basis of cheese can be cooked a lot of salads: and vegetables, and meat, and sea, and even fruit. It is important to choose the right cheese for cooking too salty need to be soaked in lukewarm water, too hard - in the milk. Feta cheese must be elastic, with milk or bright white shade, dense, but with holes. Almost any vegetable salad, dressed with oil, can acquire a unique flavor, if you add cheese to it.