Greek salad

An important difference between the Greek salad is sliced, and the rest from other salads significant difference in general, and not all products are cut into large bowl and fold in. Perhaps this is due to the ease and availability of the products had got the salad and the massive use of well known ...

First of all, prepare all the necessary products, because this salad is urgent and needs to be fed at once. As does the salad, and the cheese must also be Greek "feta", that prepared from sheep and goat milk.

Cheese cut into large cubes. Rinse the vegetables. Cucumber cut into roundels, slice tomatoes. Red onion cut into thin half-rings. Put in everything in a bowl with olives and lettuce. And in another, more deep bowl pour the olive oil, squeeze the lemon juice, add salt, pepper, oregano, mix thoroughly and season with the prepared salad sauce.

The recipe for Greek salad is so simple that it can easily cook each. If desired, you can add something of their own. Importantly, vegetables should be fresh and filled with oil, well, definitely do not forget to put a good cheese.