The recipe of the classic Greek salad

The recipe of the classic Greek salad
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The recipe of the classic Greek salad

Greek salad - very tasty, low-calorie dish. That it is also useful for its preparation should be used only high-quality products.

Salad to have a truly Greek, stick to some rules of its preparation.

First of all, in the classic salad must necessarily include Greek cheese - soft cheese made from sheep and goat milk (such as "Feta"). It can not be spread on bread or cut into thin slices. He has appeared in ancient times and is considered a national Greek product. This cheese comes in a set of recipes of Mediterranean cuisine. It features a nice cheese flavor. It is best to combine cheese with fresh vegetables and herbs.

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Use only salad salty dark blue olives with pits. In no event can not take black seedless, they taste very different. Olives as olives are the fruit of the olive tree. Their color will depend on the degree of maturity of the fruit, as well as on the variety of the plant. Only vegetables cut into large cubes. Olive oil for refilling should be first cold pressing: the packaging is present mark "extra vergin". To fill the salad needed as follows: pour a thin stream of it on top of all the ingredients. To spice to the salad you need to add some spice - a mixture of herbs, which can be found along Greek products: olives, black olives, oil. If it does not buy the seasoning, replace it with a mixture of "Italian herbs".

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The classic recipe for Greek salad

It is necessary: ​​

8 pcs. tomatoes "cherry"

1 cucumber

1 bell pepper

100 g of "Feta" cheese

8 pcs. olives

30 ml of olive oil

sea ​​salt, pepper, a mixture of herbs for Greek salad - to taste

How to prepare:

  1. Wash vegetables under cold water, wipe dry.
  2. Cut cucumber lengthwise into 4 pieces, then cut them into large cubes.
  3. Clean the peppers, cut them into large cubes. Join in bowl cucumber and pepper, salt and mix.
  4. Cut the tomatoes into 4 pieces, add to the other vegetables.
  5. Cut the cheese "Feta" cubes, put them in a salad. Drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with a mixture of herbs and pepper.
  6. At the end of preparation put in a bowl of olives. Season with salt and stir again gently and serve.

A second embodiment of preparation classical Greek salad is that the ingredients are mixed and laid out in a bowl layers.

  1. Prepare foods, cut them into cubes.
  2. Put cucumbers on them - pepper, then tomatoes.
  3. Top with cheese cubes, olives on them.
  4. Pour olive oil and serve.

in most calorie salad are: olive oil - 898 kcal / 100 g, the cheese "feta" - 290 kcal and olives - 150 kcal. The remaining ingredients contain less calories cucumbers - 15 kcal, pepper - 26 kcal, tomatoes - 24 kcal. Thus, the caloric content of the Greek salad is about 80 kcal per 100 g