Deer meat: especially the preparation rules - video recipes at home

Recipes of dishes of goat meat

Goat meat from ancient times was considered useful.

This is explained by the content of a large number of nutrients. They are easily absorbed by the body and are therefore suitable for feeding both children and adults. Number of recipes with this ingredient is growing every day.

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deer meat - a valuable product with a high content of proteins, which enjoys a special customer demand. This popular delicacy is able to improve blood circulation and the heart muscle. The high content of linoleic acid, deer meat helps reduce the amount of cholesterol and promotes the excretion of harmful substances from the body. Also, this prevents the product from beriberi, normalizes metabolism and improve immune function.

Currently you can find in the store powder in capsules deer meat. It's an option for those who can not afford this delicacy fresh. If you still bought fresh meat, try to cook different dishes.

Cabbage soup with mushrooms


400 g of meat

200 g of lard and fungi

6 leaves of sauerkraut

2 tbsp. spoons of tomato puree

3 onions

2 carrots

150 g of cranberries salt, pepper and herbs to taste

How to cook soup with deer with bends

  1. Leaves sauerkraut carefully reassemble, wash and chop. Fold the resulting mass with water in a pan. There also add the tomato puree and cook over low heat for an hour.
  2. Carrots and onions clean, finely chop and sauté in the bacon. Mushrooms, rinse, boil and chop. Deer meat thoroughly wash and cook the broth.
  3. Typically, this product is boiled for 3 hours. At the end of 50-60 minutes in the broth, place the mushrooms and braised cabbage. Boil for 15 minutes and turn off the fire.
  4. Next, add the washed cranberries, browned vegetables with bacon and again boil the broth. The resulting soup can fill with garlic and sour cream.

chops deer


600 g of meat

150 g flour

2 tbsp. spoon thick tomato paste or sauce

100 g fat

salt and pepper at your discretion

How to cook chops:

  1. wash the meat, cut into pieces, repel. Then season with salt and grease it with pepper. Roll the meat of deer in flour and fry in hot fat on both sides.
  2. cooking time is 30 minutes. The pan lay tomato paste, add hot water and simmer until done.

deer meat with mushrooms


600 g of meat

100 ml of vegetable oil

2 onions

200 g of fresh champignon

sweet pepper and salt to taste

150 ml of beef broth

50 g flour

2 hours. Tablespoons of lemon juice

How to cook meat with mushrooms:

  1. deer meat, rinse and dice. Onions clean, fry in oil. Then cook the meat together with onions about 20 minutes. Mushrooms wash and clean, then cut them into small pieces.
  2. Add the mushrooms to the meat, sprinkle the dish with pepper and cook until tender. Then roll in flour pieces of meat and cook for 15 minutes.
  3. meanly beef broth if necessary. The finished dish will get a spicy taste, if slightly acidify it with lemon juice.
  4. As a side dish, you can use boiled rice. Actually, you can garnish and not use. Meat is delicious in itself.