Preparation of meat, prunes and mushrooms - video recipes at home

Preparation of meat, prunes and mushrooms - video recipes at home
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If you eat meat, prunes, mushrooms, you can prepare a number of delicious dishes that are perfect for the holiday, and especially to the everyday table. It can be rolls or stew.



700 g of pork or beef tenderloin

1 large onion

1 carrot

250 grams of mushrooms

100 g of dried prunes

60 g of dry red wine

3 bay leaves

150 mL of sunflower oil


ground black pepper

How to cook the stew with mushrooms:

  1. Meat wash, gently pat dry with a towel, cut into slices 2, 5x2, 5 cm. Put the kettle on the fire, utyatnitsu or other dishes with a thick bottom.
  2. Fill the tank oil, let it warm up, carefully lay out the meat, cover, leaving a small opening for steam to escape.
  3. Do not forget to occasionally turn the pieces on the other side. Until they are extinguished, prepare vegetables. Purified onion cut into 1/4 part of the ring, carrot - thin strips. You can use for this purpose a grater for Korean carrot cooking or conventional, large rubbed root.
  4. When the meat slices lightly browned, put them onions, and after 4 minutes - carrots, cook for another 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  5. wash mushrooms, cut into plates, add to the vegetables and meat. Simmer the dish for 10 minutes with them. Then pour the wine, add water, it should be enough to cover the contents of the cauldron by two-thirds.
  6. Let it all extinguished for another 45 minutes. Prune wash several warm waters. Slice it finely.
  7. salt and pepper the meat, put it to the bay leaf and prunes and stir. After 2 minutes, succulent dish is ready.
  8. You can serve it with finely chopped herbs.

rolls of meat, prunes and mushrooms


700 g of beef

500 g Champignon

150 g of dried prunes

250 g hard cheese

little natural seasonings


How to prepare rolls of meat, prunes and mushrooms:

  1. Cut washed meat across the grain into pieces a thickness of 1, 5 cm. Repel prisolit and each on both sides.
  2. washed prunes, cut into slices, mushrooms - plates, cheese - rectangular pieces of 2x5 cm, onions - semirings.
  3. Grease cauldron oil, lay on his bed prepared mushrooms and proceed to the creation of rolls. Put a chunk of meat on board, place in the middle of the chopped prunes, and on top - a rectangle of cheese.
  4. Starting from the bottom, roll up a piece of meat loaf. Bandage his thread, put on the mushrooms. Thus all rolls shape, place in utyatnitsu or kettle in 1-2 rows.
  5. Pour the water so that it did not reach the top rolls 2 cm. Cover the pot lid, put on the stove. When high heat boils water, make it small.
  6. Simmer the dish 1, 5:00. After that, remove the rolls, carefully incise the thread, remove them. Shots large platter with lettuce, put them on one side rolls, on the other - stewed mushrooms. They soaked the scent of meat and cheese, are even tastier.