Five recipes for delicious cheesecakes - video recipes at home

Five recipes for delicious cheesecakes - video recipes at home
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Five recipes for delicious cheesecakes - video recipes at home

It would seem, fry cheesecakes simple. However,

each family its own recipe. secrets of cooking

this dish are divided into the five best cooks of the capital.

Delicious dough cheesecakes: tested recipes

Cheesecakes loved by all, but not all of them are obtained.

The reason for the failure, as a rule, in the test. That it was tasty and tender, use culinary secrets and recipes, tested more than one generation.

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"Why cheesecakes - you ask - suddenly became the subject of scrutiny? After all, who does not know them - cheesecakes! Yes, any hostess you bungle their whole mountain in five minutes! "

Bungle, and it may bungle, of course. Do not argue. Only, for some reason, in one they turn to the "cheers", and the other - "No, thank you." But the recipe seems to be the same. He, by the way, for many hundreds of years. However, exactly when mankind entered into the taste mixed with egg and toasted in the form of cakes of cheese, not known for certain. But, judging by the title, it happened on a very long time. Just at the time when the cheese in the usual form has not been, and was, according to historians to research, only "cheese curd". From it is prepared a lot of delicious things that are not called florid: cheese dishes. Among them were our "cheesecakes". And only under Peter I learned to cook from cottage cheese rennet cheeses - similar to what we eat today. And the words "cheese" and "Cheese" came to mean different products. But curd cheese cakes and have remained "cheesecakes" - loved by many in the hot and cold, with sour cream, honey and even ... with garlic and dill.

And to finally clarify what he - the secret of delicious cheesecakes, we visited the kitchens of the top five metropolitan restaurants and assembled, as they prepare the famous chef.

Recipe №1: classic cheesecake

Five recipes for delicious cheesecakes - video recipes at home


Preparing Denis Transportation of Chef "Chekhov"

I will not say that this recipe I was given my mother or grandmother. It's just a proven, classic way, on the basis of which I cook cheesecakes specialties of our restaurant. For them, taking 18% fat cottage cheese, which add semolina and vanilla sugar. This makes them very lush, tender and very tasty.


200 g of 18% fat cottage cheese

1 egg

2 tbsp. tablespoons flour

1 tbsp. spoon of semolina

1 h. Spoon of vanilla sugar

2 tbsp. spoons of sugar cane

Oil for frying

How to prepare:

  1. Cottage cheese, egg, semolina, vanilla and cane sugar thoroughly.
  2. Sformovat desired size cheesecakes, roll in flour and fry on both sides until golden brown.


  • If you want to cheesecakes were lighter and dietary, cook them in a frying pan, and shifting into silicone molds, bake in the oven.
  • Never cook cheesecakes from sour curd. If you want to end up with a delicious dish, use only high-quality product.
  • If the cheese is somewhat dry, soften it, add sour cream, yogurt or milk. Since the mass becomes more elastic.


Recipe №2: cheesecakes with raisins and walnuts

Five recipes for delicious cheesecakes - video recipes at home


Preparing Fame Merchants Chef "Budvar"

Cheesecakes love since childhood, and consider them an ideal dish for lunch. Cook them simply and quickly: cottage cheese, sugar, flour and egg! But you can always dream and enrich the dish to your taste by adding berries, nuts or raisins.


250 grams of curd

3 tbsp. tablespoons flour

2-2, 5, Art. tablespoons granulated sugar

1 egg

50 g of walnut kernels

50 g raisin

How to prepare:

  1. Mix cottage cheese, egg, flour, sugar and crushed walnuts.
  2. share curd into small beads (60 g) of forming these cheesecakes and two sides on the fry pan.
  3. Serve cheesecake with raisins and nuts with jam, condensed milk, sour cream or honey.


  • To cheesecakes turned tender and melting in the mouth, it is necessary to be attentive to detail. For example, cottage cheese is better to rub through a sieve and then mix it with eggs, sugar, flour. And only then add walnuts or raisins.
  • Before you add the raisins, be sure to soak it briefly in water and then let dry. To do this, shift it to the cloth and gently squeeze. Because of this curd will not be liquid and from it will be easy to form cheesecakes.
  • To cheesecakes not burn, it is desirable to fry them at low heat in an already heated oil.

    Sometimes things go wrong, and cheese cakes do not turn out ... In that case, a professional pastry chef and host of super "Make me beautiful" Oleg Ilyin shared his recipe for the brand, whereby cheesecakes are always ideal. See videoretsept!

Recipe №3: cheese pancakes with cinnamon and vanilla

Five recipes for delicious cheesecakes - video recipes at home


Preparing Kirill Martynenko, Chef "Torro Grill"

The success lies in good cheesecakes good fresh cheese. It is impossible to make it acidic, fatty or very low fat. By the way, if you add to skim a little melted butter, it would be suitable for cheesecakes. But I prefer 7-8% fat cottage cheese or "grains", and a uniform texture.


200 grams of curd

1 egg

2-3 tbsp. spoons of sugar

pinch of salt

a pinch of vanilla sugar

pinch of cinnamon

2 tbsp. tablespoons flour

How to prepare:

  1. Thoroughly mix the ricotta with the sugar, add the vanilla, egg and flour. The dough is not stuck to the hands, you can moisten the palms with water or vegetable oil.
  2. Then the shape of the mass of curd "sausage", roll it in flour and cut.
  3. Prepared cheesecakes fry over medium heat on both sides.

Special Hints from Cyril:

  • The cheesecakes can add to that that it would be desirable: raisins, chopped dried apricots or nuts. Not only walnuts! They give the finished dish a bluish color and cheesecakes will look unappetizing.
  • Cheesecakes can still be steamed, but then, most likely, will get lazy pierogi. You just need to be folded into the semi-cheesecakes steamer and hold until ready.
  • It happens that I do in the morning is not enough time to cook breakfast. In this case, I take out of the freezer blank cheesecakes made in the evening, and fry them in a pan. It's very simple: the finished cottage cheese rolled into sausage, cut, molding patties and lay on a wooden board, lightly floured, and freeze. In the morning, half an hour before cooking, remove the cheesecake from the freezer to thaw and cook them.

Recipe №4: cheese pancakes with sweet syrup

Five recipes for delicious cheesecakes - video recipes at home


Preparing a Marina Krutov, pastry chef of the restaurant "Carlson"

When I was little, my grandmother used to bake for me cheesecakes and abundantly watered them with sour cream. I still love them, and cook on the same recipe for her son. For cheesecakes recommend taking cottage cheese 9% fat, non-liquid and non-acidic. A flour in a recipe is replaced by semolina so, in my opinion, tastier.


For cheesecakes:

200 g of cottage cheese

1 tbsp. sugar spoon

1 egg

100g butter

1 tbsp. spoon of semolina

a pinch of vanilla

Non syrup: 100 g raisins

100 g of sugar

100 water

10 g cognac

How to prepare:

  1. All the ingredients are thoroughly knead until a uniform mass. Then a little "podpylite" table with flour, roll out the "sausage", cut it into equal pieces.
  2. Then push the pieces on both sides, so that they resembled shaybochki and place on a hot skillet with hot oil.
  3. After that, cover the pan with a lid and cook cheesecakes from two sides as long as the decoy "swell".
  4. Prepare the syrup: sugar and raisins with water bring to a boil and boil for a few minutes over low heat. Add the brandy and stir.
  5. Prepared cheesecakes pour syrup and serve with sour cream.


  • In the frying cheesecakes do not regret vegetable oil! It is desirable to pour so much to cheesecakes "floated".

Recipe №5: cheesecakes with flambéed fruit


Preparing a Alexander Marchenko, the brand-chef of the restaurant holding "Daisy Management"

The lower the fat content of cheese, the more pronounced the flavor, so it is more friable. I usually take 2-3%. For it will need less binder ingredients and cheese cakes are obtained tasty.


250-300 g cheese

One raw egg yolk

1 tbsp. spoon of semolina (or flour)

A pinch of salt

Sugar to taste

Ghee for frying

Fruits and berries

How to prepare:

  1. All the ingredients are mixed until smooth and give one o'clock to stand in the refrigerator so that all sold out and gained an integral consistency.
  2. Form the balls to collapse them in flour, attach form patties and fry on both sides in a well-heated ghee.
  3. Cooking flambé fruits and berries (apples, strawberries, and t.). Melt the sugar, add to it a piece of fruit, a bit of packaged juice (fresh, in this case worse) and heated. Importantly, do not overheat, not to get candy.
  4. Add a drop of brandy and ignite. We mix, spread on a grate to stack extra sugar.
  5. Serve cheese pancakes with flambéed fruit immediately, hot.


  • in the summer cheesecakes can add currant leaf or fresh mint - will so fragrant.
  • Cottage for cheesecakes can do themselves. The simplest - from yogurt: Make a hole in the package, place in oven, and then at 80-90S hour and a half.

Cheesecakes in the restaurant. Watch the video! ..