The recipe for a tasty dough cheesecakes

The recipe for a tasty dough cheesecakes
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The recipe for a tasty dough cheesecakes

Cheesecakes loved by all, but not all of them are obtained. The reason for the failure, as a rule, in the test. That it was tasty and tender, use culinary secrets and recipes, tested more than one generation.

4 main rules tasty test:

  1. To prepare a tasty dough to buy fresh homemade cheese average fat content. From the shops of cottage cheese, which includes milk powder with vegetable fat, should be abandoned. Stale sour curd for the preparation of delicious cheesecakes also not particularly suitable, and fat-free products will give them dry.

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  2. To cheesecakes turned out air and gentle, cottage cheese through a sieve, it is desirable that the dough has become homogeneity and splendor.
  3. Typically, cheesecakes add wheat flour, if desired, it can be replaced with semolina and starch added to the dough, which will make cheesecakes more elastic.
  4. From the sugar it is desirable to give up, replacing it with slices of sweet pears, apples or apricots. A great solution would be to add in cheese cakes chopped almonds, hazelnuts or cashews. Some cooks prefer dried fruits, in particular - raisins, previously soaked in cognac or hot water.

Professional pastry chef and host of super show "Make me beautiful" Oleg Ilyin shared his recipe for cheesecakes. Include video!