Refined and delicate taste of salted trout - video recipes at home

Trout - one of the most delicious fish. Her noble meat color: from white and pale pink to red and gold. Trout recognize dieticians, beauticians and doctors. Salted fish is also useful as, for example, boiled or steamed. What is its use? It is low in calories and contains fatty acids omega 3 and antioxidants that help in the fight for beauty and youth. Also, this exquisite fish improves memory, lowers cholesterol and stimulates brain activity. Salted trout has the ability to improve mood, so it is often recommended for depression and stress.

Salmon steamed. See videoretsept!

At this delicacy fish delicate flavor of the trout can be prepared soups, appetizers, tartlets, cakes, it is baked in the oven and grilled, fried, do rolls, and, of course, salt . However, inappropriate preparation trout can hurt. The river fish can be a lot of parasites, so it must be carefully fry or boil. In marine fish do not eat the head, because there may contain harmful substances.

There are certain restrictions on the use of trout. Do not to use trout high blood pressure, people with gastrointestinal problems (this fish quite greasy) , pregnant and nursing mothers (in some types of trout can be present mercury).

How to choose a trout for salting

Of course, salted trout is quite possible to buy in the store, but no one knows how many colors, preservatives and flavor enhancers put there by the manufacturer. It is much safer to cook tasty trout at home, the more that make it a snap. Refined and delicate taste of salted trout is perfect for the holiday table, it can be made from, for example, canapés or tartlets.

What will your salted trout, primarily depends on quality of the quality of the fish. Of course, it is best to take a fresh chilled fish, because during freezing of its quality declining.

If possible, buy a already gutted, with cropped tail and head. Pros clean the fish better than the majority of ordinary citizens, and to you less hassle.

You should look more closely to the freshness of the fish. It should be light fishy smell, and flesh tightly around the bones. If you are press your finger on fresh fish, on it there will be dents. Please note that home-salted trout is not stored for a long time in the refrigerator, so calculate the required amount of fish is salted and not too much.

And now, standing in the morning and poured himself a cup of sweet tea, put a piece of salted trout on bread and butter.