Fishing Recipes: ear - video recipes at home

Fishing Recipes: ear - video recipes at home
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Fishing Recipes: ear - video recipes at home

Ear - the first dish, which is prepared from fresh fish, a small amount of spices and vegetables. It can be cooked in a pot at home, but really tasty it turns out in nature - from the freshly caught fish.

5 soup recipes

Ear ordinary patronize, team, formation, Karasev - five recipes of the old Russian cuisine.

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To prepare the soup is best suited those kinds of fish, broth which is bright and has a slightly sticky consistency. So, good cook this dish of perch, ruffe, catfish, burbot, trout or sturgeon. If this is not the fish, you can use carp, carp, carp - an ear of them will be darker, but to taste it at all will not yield a "white".

Utensils used for cooking soup, should not be oxidized, otherwise the taste of the dish is somewhat spoiled. During the cooking time will be better, if the fish will languish in the broth, so the latter must not boil. Also, do not cover the pan or pot lid during cooking. This can be done when the fire under the soup will already be turned off.

The recipe soup


It should be:

3 L of water, 1, 5 kg of different fish, 1-2 pieces of onion, parsley, carrot pieces 1, 3-4 pcs Medium sized potatoes, sweet and black pepper - to taste, 1-2 pieces of fresh tomatoes, salt - to taste, bay leaves - to taste, a bunch of green onions - to taste, 1 shot of vodka.

How to prepare:

  1. The fish must be cleaned, gut and be sure to remove it from the gills, otherwise the taste and color of the soup will be spoiled. This is true even of small rebeshek.
  2. Then, the fish should be thoroughly washed under running water. Large - cut into pieces, separating the head and tail.
  3. Further, in a pot, add up the detail, heads and tails, parsley root, onion head cleared and carrots. All these add water and put on fire. When the broth starts to boil, you should carefully remove all the foam, or the ear will turn cloudy.
  4. And then - to pour a glass of vodka and cook until until the meat starts to separate from the bone. It usually takes about 15 minutes depending on the size of fish.
  5. Prepare fish need to get and put on a plate.
  6. The root of parsley, onions and carrots - to throw.
  7. If the ear is cooked at home, you can strain the broth.
  8. If your nature - to salt it, put large pieces of fish, bring to a boil and remove foam.
  9. Then put the cut into a few pieces and cook potatoes until tender.
  10. In the end you need to add the tomatoes, after making them a deep incision crossed peas 10 allspice, a couple of bay leaves and black pepper.
  11. After a couple of minutes, remove from heat, add chopped green onion, without stirring, and cover with a lid and left ear for 10 minutes, so that it "reached".
  12. The finished soup should be eaten hot necessarily, without leaving her the next day.
  13. Even after a couple of hours the dish loses its original flavor.
  14. That is why some real ear should immediately pour into bowls, making sure each put a couple of pieces of fish and a slice of lemon.
  15. A lodge is a treat best with black bread.