How to cook fish soup

Bouillabaisse - fish soup with exquisite French taste

Bouillabaisse - a traditional fish soup, a common

on the Mediterranean coast of France. Prepared dishes of several species of marine fish and seafood.

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Cooking soup suitable for almost any fish other than sardines, sprat, saury, halibut and tuna. Particularly prized soup lovers river or lake fish: carp, river perch, pike and asp - with them broth becomes nourishing and fragrant.

Traditionally, the soup is brewed from refined from fish scales. It should cut the abdomen, remove all of the entrails and gills, rinse well inside and outside. Regardless of frozen fish or not, you need to fill it with cold water and put on a plate. You can not throw fish into boiling water - in this case, she quickly cooked on the outside, but inside will be raw, or be ready inside, but outside of the meat is already falling apart.

The perfect broth

broth proportions can be: one kilogram of fish half or two liters of water and approximately one teaspoon salt without top. It is better to cook the broth over low heat with a minimum boiling, otherwise the meat can not stand and simply fall apart. When the water boils, add salt, roots, browned onions. Bay leaf and spices you need to put only 2 minutes before end of cooking, otherwise they will give the broth a bitter taste.

soup salted fish

Previously it must soak in cold water or milk. To get rid of the smell of slime from the fish caught in the pond or lake, it is soaked in water, acidified with vinegar for 1-2 hours. Marine species less boil soft when cooked with added herbs and roots. To save as many nutrients as possible and not lose the distinctive flavor, the fish can be boiled for a couple.

Fishing ear

Fishermen, at their disposal is a good catch of fish of different sizes and species, cook soup in its own way. They cook the broth from the small and bony fish, clean it only from the inside. Scales gives the broth a special fat and flavor. Big fish as they stew in the pan, remove the scales, fins, viscera, add it after the soup vegetables and cereals, at the end of cooking.


When the fish is ready, it should be removed from the broth, and the broth through cheesecloth or a sieve. Further, based on it being cooked any soup, depending on the tastes and cooks features. Since fish broth perfectly combine potatoes, beets, cabbage, rice, pearl barley, and pickles, lemon juice, tomato paste and pickled cabbage will reduce the fat taste. All cereals and vegetables need to lay into the boiling broth, beets, barley, sauerkraut and pickles must be pre-boiled or put out until half. To give ear golden hue, it added browned onions and carrots. Lighten the stock can use the eggs or egg whites, they need to shake up and pour into the soup at the end of cooking.