Ear of perch - recipe

Ear of perch - recipe
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Ear of perch - recipe

dishes perch obtained extremely tasty and light. White meat of this noble fish is impossible not to fall in love, like soup out of it. You can cook fish soup with millet or potatoes.

The recipe soup of perch with millet

Fishing Recipes: ear

Ear - the first dish, which is prepared from

fresh fish, a small amount of spices and vegetables. It can be cooked in a pot at home, but really tasty it turns out in nature - from the freshly caught fish.

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Prepare a hearty and at the same time a light soup of perch with millet. Little over an hour will be able to create a tasty dish, whose benefit is difficult to overestimate.

It should be:

1 perch on 1 kg;

0, 5 cups millet;

2 carrots, tomatoes, and onions, turnips;

3 black peppercorns;

2 bay leaves;

2 liters water;

for half beam dill and onion;

salt, black pepper finely ground - to taste.

How to prepare:

  1. First of all, move millet, rinse, fill it with warm water after 20 minutes, change it to the new hot. Let stand up grains in the second water 20 more minutes, swell and give bitterness.
  2. At that time you processed fish. Clean it, remove the innards, if they are, well wash the abdominal cavity. With a sharp knife cut off the head from the carcass and tail.
  3. Pour water into the pan when the liquid becomes hot, lower the head and tail. Bring to the boil, removing the foam spoon.
  4. After boiling, make the fire a little, remove with a slotted spoon foam, simmer the broth for 25 minutes.
  5. Then remove the onion, carrots, they do not need.
  6. The head and tail, disassemble, and put flesh on the bones.
  7. broth, again put on fire. Bring to the boil, vsypte grits. Simmer, stirring occasionally, 15 minutes.
  8. Lower carcass perch, cut into slices.
  9. There also lay shredded into fine strips raw carrots and finely chopped onion, bay leaf, pepper. Cook for 25 minutes still.
  10. Finely chop the tomatoes, greens, put them in the soup.
  11. Add salt to taste, pepper and the remaining flesh from the tail and head.
  12. Hold on low heat ear another 7 minutes. After that it's time to bring to the dinner with fresh herbs.

Recipe soup with pike perch with potatoes


It should be:

1 kg perch;

600 g of potato;

2 onions;

1 carrot;


4 peas of black pepper;

green beam;

3 laurel leaves;

ground black pepper, salt to taste the hostess and her family.

How to prepare:

  1. Wash the gutted fish, cut off the tail head. Remove the gills and eyes. Pour into pan 2, 5 liters of water.
  2. Put it in the head, tail, add the washed onion in the husk, bell pepper, bay leaf, parsley.
  3. Place the pot on the fire, when its contents begin to boil, make the minimum flame, remove the foam and cook for half an hour.
  4. broth through a double layer of cheesecloth, its pre-bed in a colander. Put the pot of broth on the fire.
  5. Cleaned and well washed potatoes chop small squares or cubes.
  6. Put it in a boiling broth to put the pieces of fish, simmer for 15 minutes.
  7. After this time, add the finely crumbled raw onion, grated coarsely grated carrots, salt, pepper to taste, boil for another 15 minutes.
  8. Turn off the fire, close the lid tightly, give ear to infuse for 30 minutes, after which it can be poured into bowls, sprinkle with fresh herbs and melkonarublennoy taste.