How to pickle mushrooms for winter: Recipes blanks - video recipes at home

Mushrooms are masked under the fallen pine needles and leaves, so hat they quite dirty, they should be long and carefully washed. Dried mushrooms should be cleared of large debris, and then add water and leave for a while, so they otmokli. They wash brush, changing the water three or four times, pay special attention to the underside of the cap. Washed mushrooms with cold water, press down the load, so as not to pop up, leave for a few days. Change the water regularly, this technique helps to remove bitterness.

In traditional Russian cuisine salted mushrooms in a tub. Now tubs successfully replaces enamelware.

Pickled mushrooms




currant leaf

dill umbrellas


salt 40 g to 1 kg

How to pickle mushrooms

  1. Net washed Gruzdkov re-sort by size. On the bottom of the pot lay horseradish currant leaves, dill umbrellas, garlic.
  2. Mushrooms Lay tight plates up, sprinkling salt. Initially put large items, then - fine.
  3. On top of the leaves of horseradish, put a wooden club and press down oppression. As sedimentation can enclose them new portions.
  4. After filling the dishes completely, they are left prosalivatsya 30-40 days. Ready mushrooms can be expanded in banks (which is easier to store), brine pour out of the pan, close kapron lids and put into a cold place: basement, refrigerator.
  5. To not formed on fungi mold cover inside, it is desirable to lubricate mustard.

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Shiitake, salted dry method





horseradish leaves

How to pickle mushrooms dry method:

  1. Each fungus is rubbed with salt and placed in jars, alternating with spices. Closed mushrooms with gauze, put it on top of chopped greens and close kapron lids.
  2. After 2-3 days mushrooms prosyadut volume is supplemented by combining the contents of two or three cans.

Milk mushrooms, pickled hot method

How to pickle mushrooms for winter: Recipes blanks - video recipes at home








vegetable oil

For the brine:

2 tbsp. of salt to 1 liter


black pepper peas


Bay leaf

Leaves currants and cherries

How to pickle mushrooms hot way:

  1. Prepared mushrooms dipped in boiling salted water and acidified with vinegar, boiled for 10-15 minutes, ready to use mushrooms must settle to the bottom, throws in a colander.
  2. Separately, prepare the brine, if desired, you can add spices. Boiled product is spread - large and small for a variety of banks.
  3. Pour the brine, add the garlic cloves into the jars and horseradish roots, poured oil on top, close the lid is not sealed, removed in a cool place.
  4. To use ready in 2-3 weeks.

Salted cooked mushrooms



salt 200 g per 5 kg of mushroom

As salt-cooked mushrooms:

  1. cooked mushrooms decomposed into sterilized jars, sprinkling them with salt and pour the boiled water.
  2. Cover with a lid and put in a warm place for 2-3 days to ferment, then remove the cold.

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