Salted cucumbers 5 proven recipes

Salted cucumbers - this is one of the main dishes on our table in the summer.

Classic, fast, spicy, with apples, mustard, chili and even ginger - choose recipes to your taste!

Vietnamese cucumber salad

More dietichny salad is hard to imagine:

because in it there is no drop of oil!

Salted cucumbers 5 proven recipes

Marina Bonnemann

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How to pickle cucumbers: 7 main rules

1. Choose a small cucumbers of the same size with a thin skin and pimples - These are the most suitable for pickling.

2. If cucumbers slightly wilted, soak them in cold water (with possible addition of ice), about 2 hours.

3. To Cucumber cooked quickly, be sure to cut off the tips, or make cuts.

4. To have turned crispy cucumbers, it is not necessary to stamp them too tightly.

5. For more even salting cucumbers in a container to stack better vertically.

6. Salt is better to take the usual coarse stone. Iodized salt is not suitable, since it can soften the peel.

7. salted cucumbers need to be refrigerated for 2-3 days.

Quick salted cucumbers in a package

Salted cucumbers 5 proven recipes

This recipe is useful precisely when salted cucumbers need to be prepared urgently.

Ingredients: 1 kg of cucumbers

5-10 cloves of garlic

1 bunch of fresh dill

1 tbsp. spoons of salt without slides

How to cook quick-salted cucumbers in the package:

1. Cucumbers are thoroughly washed, cut the tails.

Salted cucumbers 5 proven recipes

2. Fold the cucumbers into clean food package.

Salted cucumbers 5 proven recipes

3. Add the sliced ​​garlic cloves along.

Salted cucumbers 5 proven recipes

4. Put in a package of finely chopped dill and salt.

Salted cucumbers 5 proven recipes

5. Firmly tie the bag and shake well to herbs, salt and garlic evenly distributed.

Salted cucumbers 5 proven recipes

6. Leave the cucumbers in the refrigerator for a time from 30 minutes to 5 hours. Periodically, you need to shake the package.

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Aromatic salted cucumber in a hot brine

Salted cucumbers 5 proven recipes

This method of pickling cucumbers without doubt lovers of spicy but delicate snacks.

Ingredients: 1, 5 kg of fresh cucumbers

10-12 cloves of garlic

4 sheets of horseradish

7-10 sheets currant

1 small bunch of dill

2 l of water

4 tbsp. spoons of salt without slides

1 tbsp. tablespoon allspice (better to use a mixture of peppers)

2 h. Spoon clove bud

4-5 bay leaves

How to make scented salted cucumbers in a hot brine:

1. Cucumbers wash and cut off ends, cloves of garlic cut lengthwise, wash thoroughly with horseradish leaves, currants and dill.

2. At the bottom of the pan put half of pure horseradish leaves and currant.

3. Put cucumbers, sprinkling them with chopped dill and garlic.

4. In a separate pot pour water, add salt, pepper, cloves, bay leaf. Bring to a boil and remove from heat.

5. Pour cucumber brine and cover.

6. When cooled, put into the refrigerator.

7. After 24 hours of scented salted cucumbers ready.

Freshly-salted cucumbers with mustard and chili

Salted cucumbers 5 proven recipes

These salted cucumbers appreciated by lovers of thrills. And do not forget to take them with us on the nature of a shish kebab sausages or grilled! Ingredients: 1 kg of fresh cucumbers

8-10 cloves of garlic

1-2 chilli

1 small bunch of dill

1 h. Spoon coriander seed

1 h. Spoon cumin

1 L of water

1 tbsp. spoons of salt without slides

1 h. Spoon mustard powder

2 hours. Spoon vinegar 9%

How to cook salted cucumbers with mustard and chili:

1. Cucumbers wash and cut off the tips of each clove of garlic cut lengthwise, chili cut into rings.

2. Place the cucumbers in a clean pot or jar, shifting their dill, garlic, chilli, coriander and zira.

3. Add in the salt water, boil, remove from heat and stir the mustard powder and vinegar.

4. Pour the received brine cucumbers, cool and refrigerate for 1-2 days under the lid.

Freshly-salted cucumbers with apples

Salted cucumbers 5 proven recipes

Fantastic recipe! Apples are transformed into excellent snack and cucumbers soaked typical apple notes. What is needed in a salad, and a bit of sugar, and just pohrustet warm summer evening in conversation in the villa gazebo.

Ingredients: 2 kg of cucumbers

4 large sour green apple

4 sheets of horseradish

6-8 currant leaves

1 bunch of dill

8-10 cloves of garlic

1 L of water

2 tbsp. salt spoon

How to cook salted cucumbers with apples:

1. cucumber cut the tips of the apples cut into quarters, remove the core.

2. Fold the cucumbers and apples in a clean pot or jar, shifting leaves of horseradish and currant, fennel and garlic.

3. To the water add salt, boil and pour into cucumbers. 4. Cool and put into a refrigerator for 1 day.

Freshly-salted cucumbers with ginger

Salted cucumbers 5 proven recipes

And this is to prepare a salad, which you will get out of the refrigerator and put on the table. The whole point here in ginger marinade - prepared to share the recipe with the guests!

Ingredients: 5-6 large cucumber

2-3 cm root ginger

1 h. Teaspoon salt

3-4 h. Spoons of sugar

1 tbsp. spoon of vinegar 9% *

* salt, sugar, ginger and vinegar better to add, focusing on the taste. Introduce seasoning cucumbers can be gradually trying pickle taste.

How to cook salted cucumber and ginger:

1. Cucumbers cut into slices or long strips using a vegetable peelers. Slicing can also use curly knives. If you do not want to prepare a salad, cut the cucumber with the tips, or cut them in half lengthwise.

2. Ginger root grate on fine grater.

3. Cucumber connect with ginger, add salt, sugar, vinegar and stir.

4. Transfer to a clean food bag and leave in the refrigerator for 1 to 10 hours.