Fried cucumber: an unexpected taste of familiar vegetable - video recipes at home

Fried cucumber: an unexpected taste of familiar vegetable - video recipes at home
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It is well known the taste of fresh crisp cucumber, spicy flavor and pickled pickles. But not every tried fried cucumber .... Moreover, no one suspects the existence of such a dish! This option cooking cucumbers come from China. In this country fried cucumbers are part of many exotic dishes.

amazing cucumber

Beside the renowned medicinal properties of cucumber

- the irreplaceable assistant in the economy and a worthy addition to cosmetic procedures.

Tatiana Romanova

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In China, fried cucumber will not cause surprise. This method of processing of the product is widely used in local cuisine. He is known in Korea. Excellent accustomed fried cucumbers in fusion cuisine. There were also adapted to the European taste of the exotic cooking options.

Cooking fried cucumber takes half an hour.

Recipe fried ogrutsov

It should be:

5 pieces - cucumbers;

1 tbsp. Spoon - starch;

3 tbsp. spoon - vegetable oil;

5 cloves - garlic;

1-2. Teaspoon - sesame;

1 tbsp. Spoon - soy sauce;

pinch - chili pepper;

1/2 tsp -. Salt. All the secrets of the green berries. Watch the video!

How to prepare:

  1. Cucumbers should be washed and cut in half. One can also cut them into cubes oblong 0, 5 to 2, or 1 to 3 cm, especially if you are going to use as an ingredient in salad dressing or other dish.
  2. Put the vegetables in a bowl, sprinkled with salt. They will give the juice.
  3. juice drain, vegetables, rinse with warm water, then pat dry using napkins.
  4. roll cucumbers in starch.
  5. clove of garlic cut into thin slices.
  6. In a deep frying pan or wok red-hot oil. Put in the garlic oil and chilli.
  7. Fry over high heat, stirring constantly. As little as 30 seconds. Immediately add the sesame, cucumber and a spoon of soy sauce.
  8. cucumbers Fry for 2-4 minutes on high heat.

There are different variations of this dish. For example, cucumbers can be planed on a grater thin slices. These circles or ovals should fry for a minute, because they are too thin.

Another interesting option slightly changes the taste of fried cucumber and adapting them to the European taste - seasoning before frying for 20-30 minutes, not salt, and sweep away the salt and vinegar with sugar. The result is something like a marinade. It is important not to overdo cucumbers, that they do not marinated. Fry cucumbers can not just roll in starch, but also dipped in batter. Well dried cucumber, where there are not a lot of water, it is possible to fry on high heat, and without obvalivaniya.

Among the spices, which can fry cucumbers - slices of red pepper and ginger. If you use ginger, the amount of pepper and garlic can slightly reduce to better describe the taste of this spice.

How to submit a fried cucumber?

You can just as a snack. It can be mixed with other vegetables and meat (chopped into small pieces and fried at high heat), soy sprouts, buckwheat noodles. You can fry with carrot shavings.

Often fried cucumbers can be seen as part of salads, such as shiitake mushrooms. Fusion cuisine recipes allow you to combine even fried cucumber with cheese and other ingredients, the usual European cuisine.