Canning cucumbers for winter - video recipes at home

For canning cucumbers need to take only good water - purified, from a well borehole. If the tap water flows of good quality, you can take it. If not, pre-cleaning liquid, or brine turbid during storage, and the banks may "explode."

Take only salt-coating cucumber varieties. Salad categorically do not fit, because of one of the fetus can be spoiled by the whole bank, as well as due to a soft, lost freshness instance.

Daily salted cucumbers to eat right away, without waiting for the winter See videoretsept! ..


Unlike pickled, they can have children.


one 3-liter jar

1, cucumbers 5-2 kg (depending on their size)

5 cloves of garlic

1 sheet of horseradish

4 sheets redcurrant

5 cherry leaves

2 umbrella dill

3 tbsp. spoons coarse salt

1, 2 L of water

How to preserve pickles:

  1. Cucumbers wash well, if they are dirty, gently rub with a soft cloth, moisten it with water, then rinse well.
  2. Soak them for 4 hours cold water, then cut off the tips from both sides. Wash well jar, place the fruit vertically and close to each other.
  3. Garlic clean from the husk, cut each slice in half. You can make or distribute fennel, sliced ​​garlic, currant leaves, cherries nearly in half and put them with cucumbers laying on the bottom and in the middle of the banks, and a small sheet of horseradish, cut into 2-4 parts - to the center and to the top.
  4. If you The well or spring water, then you can use a cold way of salting. To this solution to cool water salt, pour into cucumbers, cellophane cover jar lid and store in the basement, a cellar, a refrigerator.
  5. If this water and these storage locations are not available, use another method. To this end the jar, pour the purified water or tap water, place the top of the double layer of the bandage, sprinkle salt on the container finish. Gradually, it will dissolve and unnecessary impurity you then remove with a bandage.
  6. In this form, cucumbers should be 3-3, 5 days. Twice per day cover their cap, flip, and then again put on the bottom. This method will help them evenly prosolitsya.
  7. After this time, pour the brine into the pot, bring to a boil, pour cucumbers. Roll up banks sterile iron caps, flip, wrap to cool.



1, 5-2 kg of cucumbers

3 sprigs parsley

6 peas black pepper

2 bay leaves

To 1 liter of water:

2 tbsp. tablespoons granulated sugar

3 tbsp. salts scoops (no slides)

1 h. Spoonful of vinegar

How to preserve pickles:

  1. Put in sterilized 3-liter glass jar washed cucumbers with the cut tips, alternating them with the seasonings.
  2. The water vsypte salt, sugar, bring to the boil. Pour the brine into the jar, let stand 20 minutes. Then pour the marinade into the pan, put on fire again.
  3. When the liquid starts to boil, fill her jar, add the essence, roll up iron lid, turn and wrap.