Preparing Easter bake cake in the bread maker - video recipes at home

If you celebrate Easter in solitude or just not used to a lot of oven cakes, bread machine with the option - just for you. Shoplifting pastries rarely delicious and not surprisingly - no plant will not fuss over every Easter cakes designed for mass production, individually.

Those who have a large family, a way of baking Easter baking in the bread maker does not work. After all, for the preparation of a cake will take a few hours (individually for different models of equipment). But still worth a try at least once.

The recipe of cake in the bread machine

It should:

2 cups (250 ml) flour, dry yeast 10 g or 25 g of fresh, 4 tbsp. spoons of sugar, 3 g of salt, 50 g butter 170 ml milk 3 eggs, raisins, powder for decoration.

How to prepare:

  1. knead dough for cakes bread maker, you just have to correctly lay the components.
  2. If you milk and eggs from the refrigerator just before cooking, you need to warm them. Milk - in gas or in a microwave to body temperature, and eggs - dropping a minute in hot water (not boiling).
  3. Pour the yeast with milk and let go in a warm place for half an hour.
  4. Then pour into a container bread machine.
  5. Now place the softened or melted butter - its shape is not important, as long as the product was not cold.
  6. Separate the yolks and whites in the fridge.
  7. Throw in the bread machine container egg yolks, salt, and sweeten the dough.
  8. Sift flour and connect with the liquid mass.
  9. Place the container with the workpiece under the dough in Breadmaker, set "Sweet Bread" or "Butter Cake" with the desired degree of zazharistosti and turn.
  10. Bread dough starts to process, and then be baked cake. And you can be free to the distinctive sound that notifies that the cake is baked.
  11. The only thing you need to pay attention - the cake will turn out in a hole at the bottom, if not removed after kneading blade. If for you it is important, stop the breadmaker after she kneaded the dough, and remove the blade.
  12. Preparation of cake, even if it carries out breadmaker - a real mystery. Therefore, it is not recommended during baking to slam doors or create a different kind of vibration - they can affect the quality of the finished baking.
  13. When the finished cake to cool, whisk whites in a solid foam, so they do not spread. Gradually add the caster sugar or icing sugar.
  14. The resulting mass of grease the top of the muffins and decorate it with colored powder.

The cake is best to eat the next day, as only a day later, he will find a gentle and rich taste.

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