Easter cheese cake without yeast - the most delicious cake recipe with cream cheese for Easter

Mistresses are accustomed to traditional oven cakes of yeast dough - they always turn out delicious and fluffy. But this recipe on how to bake no ordinary cake without yeast, and on the curd test. Immediately a couple of secrets: to pastries turned out the light and airy, cottage cheese is better to take a little dryish. To knead the dough into good cheese cakes should not splurge and buy fresh and quality products.

Easter cheese cake without yeast - the most delicious cake recipe with cream cheese for Easter

Easter cheese cake without yeast

How to make cheese cake

250 g quality butter in a water bath to drown, but at this time, beat eggs with sugar. Eggs, you will need 5 pieces of sugar - 1 cup. During the beating, and put a little vanilla or a packet of vanilla sugar.

Mix the eggs with the melted butter. Mass arch juice of half a lemon and a pinch of salt.

Now, stir 600 g of curds, rubbed through a sieve or passed through a wringer. Still, take three and a half cups of flour that are mixed with baking powder (1, 5 standard sachet). Flour mixture, add the cottage cheese base.

At the end, enter into the dough half cup of raisins, pitted, and half cup of finely chopped candied fruit.

Kneaded dough with cream cheese spread out on the forms and bake as normal cakes. The temperature in the oven should be no higher than 180 degrees. Form a medium-sized hold in the oven 40 minutes or 45. To be sure that the cake propeksya, his willingness to believe the long stick.

To Easter cake made of cottage cheese it was not only delicious, but also beautiful, be sure to decorate it with frosting of fresh egg white and powdered sugar 1/2 cup. These products whisk whisk. The icing on the cake, apply when it has cooled down. For more elegance, sprinkle top of cake frosting special colored sprinkles for confectionery products.

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