Sdobny sweet cake with milk - the best recipe for the pastry cake for Easter

Without fragrant, butter cake Easter holiday will not be complete. Such baking a real highlight of the table, which is characteristic only of this blessed holiday. Every woman wants to find a recipe that will make cakes just perfect. In my house every year the women use this simple recipe and guests have always said that our sweet sdobny cake the best.

Sdobny sweet cake with milk - the best recipe for the pastry cake for Easter

For the preparation of Easter pastry need two cups of cream, a glass of milk, four cups of sugar, flour - how many will take the dough, ten eggs, 50 grams of yeast.

As the oven sdobny cake with milk

The first step is heat the milk and stir it with cream and two cups of flour.

It is necessary to wait for the pair will get milk temperature, and diluted in the mass of yeast, add 2 whole eggs and put in a warm place.

Once the dough rises, it is added in the yolks of eggs remaining, previously abraded in sugar and beaten egg whites separately. Whipping proteins need to be as carefully, there is an ideal option persistent thick foam, then the dough will turn out tender and soft. Add a little more flour to achieve the desired consistency. The pastry is well to keep up with the hands and not stick. Again, leave the dough for a while, so that it once again risen.

Put the dough into the molds so that at least half of it is left free in the preheated oven bake delicious cakes and sweet muffins. Be prepared for the fact that the fragrance will disperse throughout the house.

Ready and cooled Easter cakes sprinkled with powdered sugar and pour the glaze.

His version of how to cook delicious muffins cakes offers "kuharochka Alina" in his video recipe.

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