Easter cake on yogurt and soda without eggs - delicious cake recipe without yeast

In life there are different circumstances when even to this blessed holiday need to cook a cake without yeast and eggs. In this case, you definitely need to use this recipe and cook a delicious cake on yogurt and soda. This Easter cakes of unleavened dough is ready much faster than the traditional, and Easter cake turns out wonderfully tasty, fragrant and beautiful.

Easter cake on yogurt and soda without eggs - delicious cake recipe without yeast

The ingredients for the dough:

• kefir - 300 ml (preferably sour);

• butter - 100 g;

• sand sugar - 150 grams;

• vanilla sugar - 1 pack (optional);

• raisins - 100 g;

• lemon peel - one lemon;

• baking soda - 1 tsp.. (Or disintegrating agent - 4 tsp..);

• flour (it is allowed to add whole wheat flour) - 300 - 350 gr.

Ingredients for the glaze:

• butter - 2 tbsp. l. (No slides);

• lemon juice -3 Art. l .;

• powdered sugar - 100 gr.

How to cook a cake without yeast

Before you cook the dough, I advise you to first prepare the molds for baking. Paper forms must be lubricated refined vegetable oil or melted butter, and manufactured independently of tin cans lining oiled wax paper.

Cooking cakes start with the fact that prepare all the ingredients for the dough. First you need to sort out the raisins, wash it, dry berries on a napkin and pritrusit flour.

To pastries turned out more lush, before adding to the batter sift flour.

Lemon peel (thin upper yellow layer) rub on a fine grater.

The yogurt is necessary to add baking soda, mix well and let stand for a few minutes. To dissolve in the heat the butter. In a container of soft butter add sugar and chopped lemon zest.

For cakes have a pronounced red-orange hue can be added to the dough 1/4 hours. L. turmeric.

To cake was more fragrant in the dough, you can add the vanilla sugar.

Combine yogurt slaked soda with sugar, oil weighing and well mixed.

Put the raisins into the dough and begin to gradually add flour, stirring batter spatula. Knead the dough of medium thickness uniform.

Getting filling molds test must take into account several important factors. Dough evenly propeklos not settled, it is best to do bakery in special molds small. Note dough in a baking process rises, so will fill them with no more than 2/3 of the total.

Preheat oven to 180 ° C and set the filled mold for baking. Forms should not touch each other.

Bake "small" cakes will be from 25 to 30 minutes, while larger - 45-50 minutes. Tasty, nice and rosy Easter unleavened cakes pull out from the molds only after cooling. Apex, as conventional, using a cooking brush decorate with icing.

Your video unleavened cake recipe on yogurt and soda channel offers "lean and vegetarian cuisine Helena".

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