Soup-Eid, one of the most famous Bulgarian dishes. Recipe preparation is used lamb, but it does not spoil the dish and gives it notes of exotic and originality. You should definitely learn how to cook it.


How to cook soup Qurban

From the broth, remove the cooked lamb meat.

Washed rice, raw liver, boiled meat and finely chopped fresh tomatoes and add them to the strained boiling broth.

The vegetable oil spasserovat flour with tomato puree or tomato juice, finely chopped onion and ground red pepper. The resulting mass is to add the soup at the end of cooking. Stirring, not to get small flakes pour a thin stream into the soup whipped raw eggs.

Feeding on the table soup Eid sprinkle with finely chopped green mint and parsley.

Bulgarian recipe of this soup is designed for 1 serving:

lamb - 35g, liver - 25 g, rice - 10 g, tomatoes - 20 g, onions - 10 g Tomato puree - 4 g, vegetable oil - 7 g, eggs - 1/2 units meal - 2 g ground red pepper - 1 g parsley - 2 g, mint - 1 g of salt to taste.