Kvass home recipe or how to make home-brew.

Make kvass at home quickly and easily. Even novice mistress can handle the cooking process yourself. Homemade recipes of kvass in many similar, but the details are different from one another, and every woman will be able to dream and to experiment, given the tastes and preferences of your family members. As a result, you get your, family, home brew.

Kvass home recipe or how to make home-brew.

How to Cook kvass

Thus, the preparation of kvass start with the fact that we cut rye bread in small pieces (about 2x2 cm) and fry in the oven or in a frying pan until dark brown. It should be remembered that the color depends on the rusks kvas color: darker than crunches - the darker the brew.

While the bread toasted, boiled water. Fill toasted croutons boiling water and put in a warm place for 4-5 hours. The cooled liquid (called - must) filter and add diluted yeast and sugar. Cover the container with a thick cloth and give it brew in a warm place for 6-8 hours. The last stage of the preparation of homemade kvass from bread - bottling. I bottled in plastic, out of mineral water. In each bottle put 3-5 raisins. From this, after 7-8 hours of our home brew will strongly carbonated. That's all. Delicious and healthy homemade brew is ready! You can treat the favorite summer home cool drink and guests, but you can make a hodgepodge.

What is in ferment for kvass:

500 g of bread;

4 L of water;

50 g yeast;

200 g of sugar;

10-15 highlights.