Homemade pastries in the bread machine: rye bread

Rye bread, home-cooked, it turns out delicious and fragrant. It is characterized by a slight acidity, which is the hallmark of this variety.

Rye bread retains the bulk of the useful properties of a living grain. It contains half the daily norm of vitamins A, E, PP and B group as well as amino acids and enzymes, is rich in iron, magnesium and potassium.

Rye bread is very popular in diets. Its regular use helps recovery of the body and serves as a prevention of serious diseases: cardiovascular, cancer, diabetes.

However, we must remember that rye bread has a high acidity. It is not recommended to use for people with gastrointestinal diseases associated with gastric hyperacidity.

Rye bread hard to digest even in a healthy body. Therefore, preference should be given Blended varieties, which contains not less than 25% of wheat flour.

Preparation of rye bread has a number of features that are associated with the properties of rye flour baker. It is completely absent gluten. For this reason, added to it a certain amount of wheat flour.

Due to the large content of water-soluble substances dough has a feature to store the water. Therefore, it is always sticky and does not require long batch. flour surplus hurts to get a good porous bread. An important feature of rye dough - the use of sourdough instead of yeast. Only with the help of qualitative test can be achieved. The leaven is prepared in advance of sour milk, kefir or yeast mixed with part of the flour.

Strengthen the flavor of rye bread helps to add to the dry malt or kvass. Note that leaven works faster than conventional yeast dough can ferment.

The most popular is the rye bread "Borodino". Formulation It belongs to the type of custard. It is composed of sugar, molasses, spices and rye malt, which is mixed with flour and brewed with boiling water.

The following is a classic recipe for rye bread. Using it, you can bake it at home.

Borodino bread


For welding

3 tbsp. tablespoons malt

2 hours. Spoon coriander

75 g of wholemeal rye flour

250 ml of hot water

To test


150 ml water

1/4 Art. tablespoons vegetable oil

2 tbsp. spoons of sugar

1/2 Art. spoons of salt

1 tbsp. spoon syrup

350 g of wholemeal rye flour

75 g of wheat flour 2nd grade

1 tbsp. gluten spoon

1 hr. Teaspoon dry yeast

1, 5, Art. spoon dry leaven

Ground Coriander How to cook bread Borodino:

  1. For welding it is necessary to mix rye flour, malt and coriander. Then pour all the boiling water and leave for 2 hours in a warm place.
  2. Molasses pre-diluted in water. It can be replaced with jam or honey. In a container to put the bread machine chilled brew and add remaining ingredients.
  3. Set a program to kneading yeast dough. To make the dough is not the sprawling, during the kneading is necessary from time to time to collect his plastic shovel with cup walls.
  4. After the end of the batch, it is necessary to flatten the dough spatula dipped in water. Sprinkle with coriander seeds and leave for 3 hours for fermentation.
  5. Set the program "pastries", the average crust. After 1 h 10 min Borodinskiy flavored bread is ready.
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