Honey and fish - video recipes at home

Honey and fish - video recipes at home

Learn to cook the cod with honey sauce recipe for Nicky


"This is a very rapid recipe. There are fish with no obvious taste with excellent fillet, but very boring. Here we are saving pickles! And I love to fish a "bright" puree. I would not do it for some precious sea bass, but for cod - the most it " - writes in his book, Nick Belotserkovskaya.



500 g of cod fillets

50 g butter

5 Art. l. honey

6 tablespoons. l. dry white wine

Salt and pepper - to taste

500 g of boiled potatoes

4 things. boiled beets

1 cup cream

100 ml of olive oil

Curly parsley - to decorate

Salt and pepper - to taste


1. To prepare the marinade, butter melted in a skillet. Add honey. Season with salt and pepper. 2 Pour the wine, stir and put the fillet of cod.

3 Boil one minute. Then the fish put in the oven for 10 minutes at a temperature of 220 ° C.

4 To prepare the garnish the potatoes to cook and grind into a puree with cream and olive oil. Season with salt.

5 Boiled beets punch in a blender until smooth and mix with the mashed potatoes.

6. Share on plate with fish and garnish with a sprig of curly parsley.

By the way: white wine is best to use dry.

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