Multi-colored tins for muffins - video recipes at home

Multi-colored tins for muffins - video recipes at home
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Multi-colored tins for muffins - video recipes at home

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Silicone bakeware are known to us not so long ago. But there were stores recently, they almost immediately gained popularity.


Both professional chefs and those who use these forms for baking at home, the consensus is that the silicone forms have a number of distinct advantages over their predecessors of glass and metal.

Non-stick properties. The silicone forms pastries baked through evenly, not dry and not undercooked.

Sustainability. The silicone does not enter into chemical reactions with the materials and products that result could be harmful chemical compounds.

Versatility. The silicone mold can not only bake but also to freeze, defrost, reheat foods - or, for example, to make jellies, jelly.

Convenience. The forms are easy to clean and keep their appearance.

Alexander Seleznev

pastry chef of international class, the host of "Sweet stories", "Easy recipes" The silicone forms of different size are baked muffins, pies, cakes and pastries. Silicone molds for jelly not only give a smooth and uniform form of a jelly, their great advantage over glass and metal forms that are easily shifted jelly on a plate or in a bowl, depending on what the jelly will be served. In these forms, you can bake creme brulee, fine pastries.

If you often cook for and with children, then inevitably infected by their children's love for all colorful. In this case, and there are silicone muffin molds, which are reminiscent of children's coloring cubes.

It turns out that the domestic industry has mastered the science of manufacturing artless pleasant to the eye and comfortable to the touch forms that the very fact of his stay in the kitchen encouraged to bake something sweet.

The only disadvantage of silicone molds is that they can not be called universal. For example, chocolate cakes Portuguese recommend cooking in metal tins.

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