How to decorate a cake jelly bystrozastyvayuschim

How to decorate a cake jelly bystrozastyvayuschim
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Many housewives tend to surprise their loved ones and guests dishes. A special place in the menu takes dessert. You arrange your cooked cake will bystrozastyvayuschee jelly. Get the original and delicious.

Homemade cakes, cooked with his own hands, much tastier purchased. You can select any favorite recipe, or come up with your own. Even controlling your weight will not be able to resist and not to try these culinary creations. Everything is simple - the original taste and bright colors jelly will help to create amazing creations. On the cake "bloom" beautiful flowers of various shapes and sizes.

to How quickly do gorgeous homemade cake - teach the famous confectioner. See videoretsept!

Make beautiful cake

With jelly fruit filling, which will be used to decorate your cake will get a great view. If desired, layer can be made thick. This will give extra dessert taste and an unusual appearance. Jelly - a perfect decoration. Cut into slices the fruit it gives a beautiful gloss. In addition, it maintains a fresh appearance and palatability. Bystrozastyvayuschee jelly can buy or make yourself. Most importantly - the correct application of it to the surface. If you want to make a thick layer, it is necessary to pick up a special split mold for baking. Her bumpers should be higher than the cake. Instead forms can also use thick paper.

Ready cake to cool. After that, cover it with a thin layer of glaze. Jelly should be slightly ostuzhennym. Spoon should distribute it on the surface of the cake. to pour the cake in a cool place.

Additional decorations

If desired, before pouring onto the surface of the confection can be placed nuts, berries, chocolate figures or sugar beads. To decorate the transparent layer is necessary to wait for it to pour. When the jelly is ready, you need to place on the cake selected decorative elements. It is also possible to make multilayer jelly. When cutting the cake decorations, this option looks very good. cake surface is poured by turns.

Desserts, decorated with fruit, look very appetizing. To preserve juiciness and luster beautiful sliced ​​fruit is just covered with jelly. The layer must be thin. It helps in the pastry brush. Then you need to give mass to cool. A variety of fruit jelly cake look great on the surface. To do this his consistency should be more dense. To give the desired color can be using food coloring. The jelly is poured onto a baking sheet. The layer thickness should be not more than 1 cm. In conclusion dessert remains intact until solidification.

Then, using a stencil you want to cut from it a variety of figures. Confectionery scapula is important to transfer ready-made decorations on the surface of the product. Children can decorate cakes whole fairy tale. They will not leave indifferent children.