Case for herbs - video recipes at home

Case for herbs - video recipes at home
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Case for herbs - video recipes at home

This case will be a wonderful souvenir: a simple and useful

a gift from a trip to France yourself or loved ones.

The invention of this device at home bouquet garni was a matter of time. Silicone foam hole, which put the herbs to the broth, so easy to use that, it seems, this simple idea was born together with the broth itself, or more precisely, together with the habit to give him a taste of using herbs.

Imagine yourself lying in the pan, such a container like a sunken ship with a cargo of treasure and no one interferes. In a saucepan, boil can (literally and figuratively) stormy life, but nothing disturbs the grass, gave his flavor the broth. After a certain period, you simply remove the container from the pan and get rid of its contents, who gave the future of the soup all its useful properties. No need to catch some grass, resembling the fisherman. In French, this simple thing called "infuseur a herbes", in English is much more prosaic - "spice tube". How to call it in Russian, it seems, has not yet been invented. For myself, I call it a case for herbs and spices - not as capacious as in English, but it is much more economical than the Spanish "tubo para infusion de las hierbas".