Mix spices in jars

This is a very simple and fast, besides you can feel like a real chef, who creates a new culinary masterpiece!

What you need:

Individual ingredients: spices, herbs, salt etc .;


Glass jars.

How to prepare:

Think what you want to cook the mix? A light seasoning of herbs for salads and sauces? Mix "smoky" for meat and poultry or citric supplement for fish? When it is determined from the recipe, just fold some spices to jars in its sole discretion, shake them - and the mix is ​​ready!

Here are 3 popular recipe mixes, which can be done at home and added to dishes as well as to present as a gift.

Italian herb

Mix spices in jars


1/2 Art. basil leaves;

1/2 Art. leaves of marjoram;

1/2 Art. oregano leaves;

1/4 Art. rosemary leaves;

1/4 Art. thyme leaves; 2 tbsp. l. garlic powder.

Suitable for: salads, sauces, hot vegetable dishes, casseroles, pasta, lasagna, pizza, fish and meat.

Provencal herbs

Mix spices in jars


1/2 Art. thyme leaves;

1/4 Art. marjoram sheet;

2 tbsp. l. rosemary leaves;

2 tbsp. l. savory;

1 h. L. lavender flowers;

1 h. L. ground fennel.

Suitable for: meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, soups, casseroles.


Mix spices in jars


1/2 Art. paprika;

1/4 Art. cumin;

1 tbsp. l. dried dill;

2 tbsp. l. mustard powder;

1 tbsp. l. red pepper;

3 tbsp. l. ground coriander;

1/4 Art. turmeric;

1 h. L. ground cinnamon;

1/2 h. L. ground cloves.

Suitable for: meat, vegetables, soups, chicken, seafood.