Caretaker boiling pans - video recipes at home

Caretaker boiling pans - video recipes at home
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You know the feeling of disappointment when peacefully standing at the plate

pan with something tasty suddenly turns into a volcano and starts spewing foam on the burner?

From the culinary blog "the whole point,"

Maximum satisfaction of human desires to eat - one of the obvious engines of the modern economy, which is not subject to market fluctuations, even in times of economic crises and shocks. This non-stop over the years becomes more and more travel, which, without affecting the cooking, promise to maximally facilitate this activity and make it enjoyable.

One of the most unusual devices can be purchased from online stores. This ceramic medallion with a relief depicting chef, which is not supposed to allow the boiling milk to break out of the pan without your knowledge. This thing called JBK Pot Minder, it is worth a few dollars, the size of a large medal, t. E. Does not take up much space, it weighs almost nothing and does not require you any additional skills. Simply take this same medallion and put on the bottom of the pan in which you wish to make soup or something boil. Since I almost never boil the milk on the stove, the smell of burnt milk my kitchen does not know. But, of course, I, like all of us, familiar sound of liquid boiled out of the pan - is just a few minutes apart from cooking at, say, a phone call.

So, Pot Minder, as promised in its description of the Internet significantly reduces the risk of these unpleasant events. Once the liquid in the pan begins to boil, this thing comes to a state of high excitement and taken to rattle at the bottom of the pan, attracting your attention. Moreover, due to some completely incomprehensible to me the features of shape, Pot Minder is able to influence the formation of bubbles, reducing them. Thus, the boiling process is slowed down, giving you time to come to the pan and remove it from the heat or turn down the heat.