Sparzhevarka: to be or not to be? - video recipes at home

Sparzhevarka: to be or not to be? - video recipes at home

The question of whether to use sparzhevarkoy, not one of the eternal questions that have plagued mankind for centuries, such as "to be or not to be." I confess that I did not even question was whether it should acquire the device, because I was a couple of years ago it was brought from Europe to the present. The fact is that in Europe sparzhevarki very popular, so you can easily bring it, for example, from a vacation.

All this time the beautiful metal cylinder covered with a glass lid and mesh containers held inside the country without traffic, and I cooked asparagus in a microwave in a plastic bag with a zipper, which perfectly cope with this task. When you have a simple and non-burdensome way to do something, you usually do not look for additional opportunities to do the same thing more complicated way. Only the spirit of innovation, combined with simple human curiosity forced me to make an attempt to cook asparagus in a new way.

Do it, I tell you, never late. Firstly, because, unlike the Europeans, in Moscow, we do not strictly adhere to the established asparagus season (spring - early summer), and therefore can enjoy a perfectly acceptable quality of Peruvian asparagus all year round. Secondly, and this is directly concerns sparzhevarki, master the art of its application will have some more time. If the asparagus is cooked perfectly, her green arrows become crisp taste like cucumber from the garden and.

Sparzhevarka: to be or not to be? - video recipes at home

recipes "how to cook asparagus"

from culinary blog "All Sol"

It is necessary: ​​

500 g of asparagus

0, 5 h. L. salt



1 If the asparagus is green and not very thin, then it is necessary to cut the lower stems 3-4 cm. If the asparagus is white and thick, then cut from the stalk 2-3 cm, and the bottom of the stem of a thick mop up peel potato peeler.

Sparzhevarka: to be or not to be? - video recipes at home

2 Place the asparagus in a mesh container, and it - in a pot for cooking asparagus. Pour the water so that it reaches a height of 2/3 of the asparagus. Remove the container from the pan, and the pan itself put on fire and bring the water to boiling with salt. When the water boils, lower container with asparagus in boiling water, cover and cooking for 3-4 minutes. Remove from pan and pour the cold water to stop the cooking process. Drizzle with melted butter or sauce.

The inflorescences of asparagus will be cooked with steam and remain crispy.

By the way: white asparagus should be cooked for 7-8 minutes, green - 3 minutes.