Recipe: mastic cake decorating

Recipe: mastic cake decorating
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Recipe: mastic cake decorating

Birthday cake decoration becomes virtually any occasion. Name day, wedding, corporate party - everywhere it is useful and can be one of the most memorable dishes for such a party. In recent years, such events are increasing pastries with decorations of mastic, which is quite possible to make at home.

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Cakes with mastic, is becoming increasingly popular, in the opinion of an inexperienced person in the culinary arts can seem very complicated in execution. Indeed, some of them can be considered true masterpieces that have the power to execute only the masters, who are already well get the hand in the manufacture of such products.

However, to create a basic decoration of the mastic does not necessarily have an extensive culinary experience. Here it is only important due diligence and availability needed to create this sweet weight of the ingredients.

The ingredients for the production of mastic

The ingredients needed for manufacturing mastics, depends on its variety. For example, Honey and gelatin is done on the basis of, respectively, honey or gelatin. Wherein the first, normally used for molding and similar figures cake decorating elements, and the second - to complex small parts (the stamens of flowers, etc...). Flower mastic, as is clear from its name, is suitable for creating floral decorations. As the coating confection greater amiss marzipan or lactic plastic weight.

The recipe is simple mastic

What you need:

For the manufacture of the simplest version of mastic will need a special soft marshmallow - marshmallow - and a little water and sugar powder in such an amount as needed to convert components of the mixture into a kind of clay. If you want to get a paste of any shade other than white, also need special food coloring.

How to prepare:

  1. First you need to melt the marshmallows. For this marshmallow be poured into any suitable pot with high sides and put in a water bath. While the product is melted, it is necessary to add liquid - 2 tbsp. Spoon 200 g
  2. As to the weight you need to pour a little powdered sugar, previously passed it. Proper mastic thus obtained should be plastic, and not rough. Simultaneously with powdered sugar, if desired, it should drop a little food coloring, mix all before finding a uniform hue.
  3. On the final weight will not work right. First, it should be placed in a bag and leave for 30-40 minutes in the refrigerator. After that from it we can do is cover for a cake decoration for him. The remnants of putty can be stored in the freezer for up to 3 months.

The recipe marshmallow (marshmallow) for mastic

What you need:

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For the syrup:

350 g of sugar

2 g of citric acid

150 ml water

1, 5 g of sodium

For the marshmallow:

2 cups sugar

1/4 hr. Of salt

25 g of gelatin

How to prepare:

  1. For sugar syrup: first there is vskipyatit sugar with water. Then, by adding citric acid, tightly close the container with a lid syrup and leave for 45 minutes at a minimum fire. After this will turn off the resulting mass. It is necessary to cool for 1-1, 5 hours and then to mix in the pre-diluted in a spoonful of water soda. On marshmallow leave 160 g of this syrup.
  2. Sugar syrup should be placed in a pan with 1/2 cup water, 2 cups of sugar and a quarter teaspoon of salt. At the same time you need to put 25 grams of gelatin to swell, which will take about 15-30 minutes. It should be diluted in half a glass of liquid.
  3. sugar mixture should boil the syrup, then, switching to a slow fire, boil for 8 minutes. Gelatin also be slightly warmed up (e.g., in a microwave oven it takes 40 seconds) and start it beating at low speed. Simultaneously, a thin stream it is necessary to pour the hot syrup. When it all is added, beating the speed should be increased and carried out such manipulation about 15 minutes, until the mixture becomes quite thick and white.
  4. If this sweet mixture intended for mastic, it makes no sense to turn it into a marshmallow. Use it to create a cake decoration can already at this stage. Remains of mass should be stored in the freezer, placing them in a greased with butter inside the package.