The recipe for the cake mastic

The recipe for the cake mastic
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The recipe for the cake mastic

Cake - a classical ornament each holiday table. In recent years, more and more for its design using mastic.

Prepare a beautiful and edible paste is not so difficult at home as it seems.

Types of mastic cake:

This material for decorating cakes is of several types. The basis for all variants is identical mastics - powdered sugar, and all the other ingredients can be varied. Mastic may be honey, gelatin, lactic, marzipan and flower.

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The recipe for the cake mastic

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Features mastic:

  1. The most common mastic - milk. It is good to cover the entire surface of the cake and the creation of a medium-sized figures.
  2. Honey paste does not disintegrate or crumble, so it is ideal for the creation of even larger figures.
  3. From gelatin mastic convenient to form small details, as it quickly hardens and retains its shape perfectly.
  4. marzipan paste is very soft, allowing it to roll out a thin layer. But it is not suitable for the creation of inscriptions and figures.
  5. Flower sealant is ideal for "jewelry" work. Usually it is used to create the colors - they look very natural.

MASTIC basic recipe for a cake

What you need:

  • 200g condensed milk
  • 160 g of powdered sugar
  • 150 g of milk powder
  • 1 hour. L. cognac
  • 2 h. L. lemon juice

How to make a paste cake:

1. The first step is to sift the powdered sugar and milk and mix thoroughly. Only after that the mixture should be gradually pour the condensed milk, brandy and lemon juice, stirring constantly.

2. As soon as the mass was similar to clay, it should be wrapped in plastic wrap and put in the freezer. Mastic is prepared according to this recipe can be used to cover the cake and medium-sized manufacturing figurines.

Technology staining and modeling:

To decorate cakes mastic be painted. For this purpose, food dyes or natural juices, such as carrot or beetroot.

To create figures of mastic required to remember his childhood and work with it in the same way as with plasticine. The only exception is a gelatin paste as it hardens very quickly.

The easiest way to decorate the cake with mastic - the coating. For this purpose, prepared cake should be put on the turntable, as a result greatly simplify the process of work.

The table surface must first be abundantly sprinkled with powdered sugar. Thereafter, the finished mastic must unroll layer not more than 5 mm thick. Harvesting of mastic on its diameter and size must be greater than the size of the cake. Gently pry fingers of one edge of the mastic, it is necessary to put under it a rolling pin. With its help lift the preform formation and transfer to the cake. Then it is necessary arms powdered starch, smoothed mastic cake on the surface and its sides so that it fits snugly thereto. After that, the excess putty can be cut with a sharp knife and a short form of these figure decoration.

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